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30 Days of KDramas Challenge

Day 26: Your Recently Finished Kdrama

Dong Yi! I just finished it last night. I'll be watching it again sometime in the future, for a more in-depth view.

Surprisingly, I liked it. I say "surprisingly" because I was going to watch it just for the sake of watching it, you know, like a piece of literature on your to-read list. Also, I'm not a particular fan of Ji Jin Hee, and wasn't really into the Han Hyo Joo-Bae Soo Bin alternate pairing in Shining Inheritance [I shipped Hwan-Seung Mi]. I also didn't much care for HHJ's 1950s movie/TV show facial expressions. Yunno, the kind where they go all wide-eyed and open-mouthed and gush "oooh" and "oh boy!" But keh, I'm sold this time around. King Sukjong is totally adorkable, and Dong Yi is charming. Also, I want an oraboni like Chun Soo, please kthx.

Maybe it was the really cute interaction between Dong Yi and the king. Or the way Dong Yi becomes a Joseon-era Nancy Drew. Or her lovable band of misfits. Or just the lovely Queen Inhyeon. Or the adorable Prince Geum. Or maybe it was the way Jang Hui-bin got somewhat redeemed in the end-- I've read some stuff that said the real Jang Hui-bin was so bad that when she was on her way to be executed she mutilated her son so badly he became impotent. This Jang Hui-bin was portrayed as a conflicted woman who nevertheless loved her child-- although she was a scheming villainess, in the end, she got dragged down by her own family's ambitions and ineptitude.

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Also, I want to do these bonus days:
Your favorite KDrama character (lead or supporting)
Your favorite casting ensemble
Your favorite plot/ending twist
Favorite line/s by a supporting character
K-drama character with the wardrobe you most covet.
Absolutely must-have item featured in a KDrama
Best unnee
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Best oemoni
Best abeoji
Most unforgettable bromance.

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