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30 Days of KDramas Challenge, Bonus Day 4

Most unforgettable oemoni

Basically this is just a category for the most kickass KDrama mom I've ever seen.

At first I thought Han Hyo Joo's Dong Yi would unseat my long-standing favorite, but on second thought, maybe not. Although she comes pretty close, raising a prince in exile and teaching him to empathize with the common people and to stand up for himself.

A lot of moms are depicted as either too sweet and passive, or cold and evil, or scheming on their kids' behalf (I'm looking at you, Sung Hee from Shining Inheritance and Jang Hui-bin from Dong Yi), or even clingy and demanding. Not the most kickass oemoni of my acquaintance. There might be moms who find themselves caught behind enemy lines and demand that their kids come take them out at all costs, or who wait passively to be rescued. This oemoni accepted a friend's proposal in order to raise her son in legitimacy and keep him safe. She made a mark on me, however, when she sent her son a letter --written in her own blood, on a scrap from her own clothes, for want of other materials-- telling him to abort his plans of rescuing her and his wife from a heavily fortified city whose ruler, his stepbrother, had laid a trap for him. She told him that he was walking into a trap, and he was too important to his people at that time, so he could not die-- if he persisted, she and his wife would kill themselves in their prison so that he would no longer have a reason to go in for them, and would be forced to go back.

I'm talking of course, about Lady Yu-Hwa, mother of Jumong, the first king of Goguryeo.

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