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30 Days of KDramas Challenge, Bonus Day

K-drama character with the wardrobe you most covet

I'm sure we all have those days when we see something a character is wearing and go "MUST. HAVE. WANT." I've got two Kdrama characters whose wardrobes I want, even though they are very different from each other and I probably would look ridiculous in them anyway.

For example, I covet Seung Mi's wardrobe in Shining Inheritance even though I could never pull off Moon Chae Won's flair. Most of it is in nudes and basic colors, with clean, simple lines, and she looks so classy and elegant.


But the wardrobe I covet the most-- so much that I actually did a Poupee Girl cosplay for some of it-- and will never wear because it's impractical for the climate I live in, would be Hye-Mi's wardrobe in Dream High, including those shoes she kept throwing at people. I love those coats and jackets, tights and boots and hats! Have I ever said that I like the way Suzy moves-- she's what we Filipinos call "mahinhin," (mah-heen-heen) demure yet graceful. I bet that when Dream High finally gets shown here, a lot of girls will be wanting Suzy's hime hair (hrm, now I'm wondering about the name Hye-mi).


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