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30 Days of KDramas Challenge, Bonus Days

Most unforgettable abeoji

I made this category for the best KDrama abeoji I've seen, only to realize, after searching through my memories, that KDrama dads are usually sweet and passive, deadbeat, cold-hearted, or absent. Seung Jo and Ha Ni's dads in Playful Kiss were sweet, but peripheral characters. So was Kyu-won's dad in You've Fallen For Me-- plus, he left his daughter with his own dad really, so he and Kyu-won are more like friends than daddy and daughter. Shin had an absent dad as well. Jin-ho's dad in Personal Taste was dead; Gae-in's dad was also absent for most of the drama. Eun Sung's dad in Shining Inheritance wasn't really that deadbeat, but he married a materialistic, scheming woman; his business went under; he got given up for dead. Jan-di's dad in Boys over Flowers was also kind of deadbeat-- Jun-pyo's dad was all but dead.

I'd nominate Eom Ki-joon's Kang Oh Hyuk from Dream High for this, really-- he did a great job taking care of three rebellious teenagers living with him and three others not living with him. He treats Hye-mi with just the right amount of understanding and discipline, and he knows how to guide her and what to give her, although he's just sort of a semi-stepdad-- he's a better abeoji to her and her friends than their real dads are.

As for real dads-- I guess I'll go for Geum and his Crown Prince brother's aba-mama, Ji Jin Hee's King Sukjong in Dong Yi, who would do anything to keep his children safe and happy. He wants his children to be good brothers to each other and to not let politics come between them. If you didn't awww at the father-son incognito day out in Episode 46, you had better get your heart checked :P

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