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30 Days of KDramas Challenge

Day 22: Your Worst Actress
replaced by:  Most exasperating character

Urk. Who makes up these questions? Can I pass? I'll choose to name the character that exasperated me the most instead.

These are the characters that made me roll my eyes and want to bop them on the head at times. They may be so naive that they can't see what's in front of their eyes, or they may just run off in all directions, especially the ones they shouldn't go to. They're the ones who make you yell at the screen in frustration because they create stumbling blocks for others just because they're their bumbling selves, or they're just so theatrical you want to smack some sense into them.

And on the short list are:

Jung Da Jung, The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. Go Minyeo, You're Beautiful. Kang Shinwoo, You're Beautiful. Jung Gyo-bin, Temptation of Wife. Oh Ha-ni, Playful Kiss. So Hwa, Queen Seon Deok. Han Ji-Eun, Full House. Lady Yoon, Dong Yi.

Da Jung is this woman who's fixated on getting married, and does all sorts of weird stuff just to accomplish her goal, to the exasperation of her long-suffering friends. She's like Ha-ni in this-- what, your only goal in life is marrying someone, to the extent of building your entire life to suit that person? Minyeo is so naive she can never see what's in front of her, something rivaled only by Ji-Eun's super stupidity in letting her friends actually get away with selling her house. It's supposed to be because they're so sweet and nice, but idiocy always raises my hackles. Maybe because I don't like it when women are portrayed like that. So Hwa earned my ire for being so bumbling and nervous that I found myself holding my breath while trying to prompt her to complete what she was saying. Lady Yoon, on the other hand, kept sabotaging her daughter's plans just because she "wanted to help," and could never understand why things happened like they did. As for our two men, Jung Gyo-bin was such a loser, treating his wife like dirt and then being so completely cowed by his mistress, I couldn't get why two women were fighting over him. Shinwoo, on the other hand-- I love him so much but his timing simply sucked. Well, at least, he and Minyeo make a pair.

And the winner is...

Because, seriously.

That's all you're going to be in your life?

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