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30 Days of KDramas Challenge, Bonus Day 6

Most unforgettable unnee

An unnee, of course, is a girl's older sister, either of the blood or of the heart. In this post, I'd like to pay tribute to some of the most kickass unnees ever seen in K-dramas.

There's Kiha, priestess of fire, Sujini's older sister and rival in Legend. Most of their relationship is due to a karmic debt owed by Kiha's past incarnation Kajin to Sujini's past incarnation Seoh, and they got separated, but in the end Kiha did care for her younger sister.

There's Biyun, Pyung-gang's fierce unnee-best friend in Invincible Lee Pyung-gang. Although they're not really sisters, she's the closest thing Pyung-gang has to one, and dispenses sage advice and even a little discipline when needed.

Princess Cheonmyeong (Park Ye-jin) and Princess Deokman (Lee Yo-won)

And finally, there's my favorite unnee, Princess Cheonmyeong, Deokman's older twin sister in Queen Seon Deok, who gave her dongsaeng the biggest sacrifice anyone could make for another. Since she also left her son Prince Chunchu who would become Queen Seon Deok's heir, that's two of the greatest gifts an unnee could ever make.

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