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30 Days of KDramas Challenge

Day 04: Your Favorite Male Third Wheel Character

Ah, the guys who gave me second-lead syndrome, who are they? :D

Short list: Yoo Min-hyuk, Full House; Edward, Taming of the Heir/Invincible Lee Pyung-gang; Park Jun-sae, Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy; Moon Jae-shin, Sungkyunkwan Scandal; Kang Shin Woo, You're Beautiful.

Why are the guys often in love with the female third wheel and fight over her then afterwards fight over the heroine? Such copycats! I'm looking at you, Min-hyuk-sshi. But because you're so cute, you get on this list.

Edward-sshi, I felt so sorry for you when Pyung-gang turned you down for On-dal. Not that I didn't grow to appreciate him in the end, but still-- that was one of the few times when an alpha male (two alpha males in fact, I'm not forgetting Young-ryu) got smacked down by a beta who had destiny on his side, so it was sad. Jun-sae oppa and Jae-shin-ah, I have to take my hat off to you. You followed her around like a puppy dog and was always there for her, and in the end she wasn't meant for you, but you were there for her anyway. Well, at least, I like to think you might have found happiness with Hye-ri and... ohai, Yong-ha darling.

And the award goes to... Shin-woo hyung, who broke my heart. He was always there for her, even though she didn't know he knew she was a girl, and she never caught on to all the little gestures he made. I like to think that in another universe, he gets the girl.

He realizes there's something different about this one...

Now you can go out without looking at them;
hurry, I can't take a bath if you're here.
...And she never caught on.

Turn around...

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