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30 Days of KDramas Challenge

Day 10: Your Favorite Line/s by a Female Third Wheel

I have come to the conclusion that I like many third wheels better than I like their OTPs. :P

Because, once again... we get lines from my favorite female third wheel.

This is the line that has stuck with me the most, of all the lines delivered by all the third wheels in all the dramas in the world.

"To me, Hwan oppa is like water and air, and land. The land that I can stand on."
-Yoo Seung Mi in Ep. 17 of Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy, when the lead female character, her stepsister Eun Sung, asks her if she really likes the male lead character that much.

A lot of people view her as your typical bitchy villainess; I think that title should go to her mom. A lot of times in the drama, Seung Mi tries to do the right thing-- she tries to help Eun Sung, she even tries to stand up to her mom. Unfortunately, she always gets hampered by the idea that nobody loves her aside from her mom and Hwan, and she gets scared of losing them both. What she says to Eun Sung reveals her weakness, especially when we know that she and Hwan aren't the OTP so she's probably going to lose him in the end. What will happen to her if she loses water, air, and the land underneath her feet? I ended up hoping that she would find her own strength and carry on without having to depend on other people.

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