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30 Days of KDramas Challenge

Day 03: Your Favorite Female Lead Character

This is harder than I thought, because I couldn't think of any straight off! Guess it's because I pay more attention to the heroes than the heroines :P

And on the short list are.... Sujini, Legend; Go Hye Mi, Dream High; Park Shin Young, The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry; Kim Yoon Hee, Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Yoon-hee gets on this list because she was brave, intelligent, and super awesome, witness one archery match. Shin-young is here because she's actually the character I relate to the most, and the one nearest my age; we  are both working women and go through a lot of the same stuff.

Ah, Hye-Mi. She's been called wooden-faced and emotionless, but I loved her. She struggled so hard to get in touch with what she felt, and was so plucky and funny, and a good friend in her own way even though she was really awkward about how she showed it.

Yet this is for FAVORITE heroine, and there's only one heroine who was my desktop and cellphone wallpaper for three solid years, that's how much I loved her. I even imitated her hairstyle /hides in shame.

I loved the concept of the red and the black phoenixes, and how something good could be destructive if it went out of control. I even loved how she appeared in the opening credits that were used locally, jumping and shooting a bow and arrow with that funny little intent look on her face.

Lost princess, street rat, archer, reincarnated queen.
So sue me for being a Lee Ji Ah fan; Sujini is still my all time favorite KDrama heroine. <3

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