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There are some dramas with gorgeous stories and cinematography, there are some dramas with a great cast-- and there are some dramas that simply suck you in, tugging at your heartstrings until you've fallen for them. I admit to being a sucker for everything Jung Yong-Hwa related, including C.N.Blue, because I absolutely loved Shin-woo when I saw him in You're Beautiful. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the silent, musical type. :D That's a note, guys-- play me a song on the guitar or piano and who knows? :D


Anyway, noona crushes aside, I was so excited when I found out that Yong-Hwa was starring in another drama with Park Shin-Hye, as the lead. No more suffering Shin-woo hyung-- this time he gets the girl. Or does he? Some may complain about You've Fallen For Me being a simple college drama that was "all over the place" and angsty-- I loved it for its light and dark moments, its music, and, let's face it, for Lee Shin.

There's something about these slice of life dramas that I love. Life's dramatic enough already without histrionics-- people do fall in love, without the grand gestures-- sometimes the little things are even more eloquent than the big ones. I also love the simple stories-- it's all about the emotion, baby. This is only Yong-Hwa's second attempt at acting-- he's not as much of a natural as, say, Lee Min Ho or Leonardo di Caprio, but I'd say he's managing very nicely, and he's got a good chemistry with Shin-Hye. Plus, Lee Shin just got on my list of Best Fictional Boyfriends of All Time [men, take note] along with Hwan from Shining Inheritance and Landon Carter from A Walk To Remember. Now there was a movie. YFFM reminds me of it, in a way, though the plot is very different and of course no one has a fatal illness in YFFM, it's not that kind of drama. But the "awwwwwwwwwwwwww" general feeling I got from Walk to Remember (which I watched more than a dozen times, okay), I got again from YFFM. It's a bit like the feeling I get from reading a particularly lovely piece of lyric poetry, like Sara Teasdale or the Rossettis-- a memory you'd like to hold forever.

Spoiler alert!

I love this drama so much I'm giving you two sets of recaps this time-- so you get to view You've Fallen For Me/Heartstrings from two points of view-- one is from the lovely kaedejun on Dramabeans, and the other from the wonderful silverlux. Enjoy!

Kaedejun on Dramabeans

Silverlux's Recaps

Also, credit for the main pic goes to silverlux. I love that snapshot of Yong-Hwa.

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