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So. This is similar to a "10 most favorite leading men" list. Or possibly "10 favorite hotties" list. Or "10 hottest drama leading men of all time." Or possibly just a list of "10 men who played my favorite drama characters." But since beauty is subjective and I'm not trying to keep to a set number here, I'll just use that title above. Meanwhile, for those who might agree with my taste, enjoy.

So. In no particular order:

JC de Vera
JC de Vera <3

Nationality: Filipino
Born: 10 March 1986
Profession: Actor.
My first glimpse that made an impression: Matthew the bad boy in Makita Ka Lang Muli. Was disappointed that he did not end up with the girl.
Other roles: Aldrin, Pati Ba Pintig ng Puso (reprising a movie role played by Gabby Concepcion); Derek / Rod, Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita (reprising a movie role played by Christopher de Leon).

I was disappointed when he cut short playing Aureus in Panday Kids (who had to die and be resurrected in the face and form of Paolo Avelino). I'd been watching out for his new roles, thinking he had great potential, and suddenly he went over to TV5. Not that I'm complaining if he gets better roles there, but my TV can't pick up the TV5 channel very well. Boo. :(

Akihiro Sato
Akihiro Sato <3

Nationality: Brazilian / Japanese; works in the Philippines
Born: 12 September 1983
Profession: Model / Celebrity
My first glimpse that made an impression: Can't tell when. Perhaps a news or feature article about the Brazilian-Japanese models.
Other roles / appearances: Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Showdown, Ultimate Survivor; SRO Cinemaserye Presents: Moshi Moshi I Love You; Captain Barbell.

Eye candy, pure and simple. Look at that face. *sigh*  He can't speak Filipino well, though to give him credit, he tries, which is also kind of cute, although it makes me wince. Oh well, there is always the English language.

Park Yoochun / Micky
Park Yoochun (Micky) <3

Nationality: Korean (South)
Born: 4 June 1986
Profession: Singer / Actor
My first glimpse that made an impression: Lee Sun-joon, Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Other roles / appearances: Member of the boy band TVXQ, later in JYJ. Yoohyun, Miss Ripley.

Not exactly my type, except when he smiles, then all bets are off. His first drama role, and he even made a nerdy Joseon-era boy look hot and sympathique. SKKS is on my list of all-time favorite comfort dramas, which might possibly account for this, but then I was rooting for Sun-joon all the way. Plus, I just cannot resist a guy with a voice. Oh Micky you're so fine, you're so fine you're on my mind...

Leon Jay Williams
Leon Jay Williams <3

Nationality: Singaporean
Born: 30 July 1976
Profession: Model / Actor
My first glimpse that made an impression: Lu Zi Hao, Le Robe de Mariage des Cieux
Other roles / appearances: Wei Lian, Green Forest, My Home

This is one of those men I love to see in the role of a prince, as in Le Robe. Which I am still looking for because I have not finished watching it-- something intervened in my work schedule when it was being shown here /kicks schedule. I did watch Green Forest, though; you got it, because of him.

Juan Carlos Garcia
Juan Carlos Garcia <3

Nationality: Venezuelan
Born: 4 January 1971
Profession: Model / Actor
My first glimpse that made an impression: Only glimpse, but what an impression! Salomon Viesman, Altagracia, or, La Mujer de Judas.

What? You thought I wouldn't include a Latin heartthrob in this list? Back when telenovelas were the craze, I didn't much care whether I watched them religiously or not. The only exception: Altagracia. The major reason: A killer story-- and Salomon. It didn't hurt that the themesong was MDO's Me Huele a Soledad, which I've still got in my music library somewhere... Mostly though, it came back to Salomon and the sparks between him and Gloria. I scheduled my life around the Altagracia timeslot, up until it ended. And because of that-- JCG gets on this list. Me huele a soledad, amor...

Daniel Matsunaga
Daniel Matsunaga

Nationality: Brazilian - Japanese
Born: 28 November 1987
Profession: Model / Celebrity
My first glimpse that made an impression: Nikolai the werewolf prince in The Last Prince
Other roles: Spooky Nights: Snow White Lady and the Seven Ghosts; Grazilda; Machete; Langit sa Piling Mo

Sorry, Aljur. I did not like Last Prince. The only thing that made me watch it was Daniel Matsunaga and then only his scenes. But then... look at that face. Look at those eyes. Look at that... oh, sorry, Heart. I'm just staring, I promise.

Dennis Trillo
Dennis Trillo <3

Nationality: Filipino
Born: 12 May 1981
Profession: Actor, Singer, Celebrity
My first glimpse that made an impression: Gabriel, Mulawin
Other roles: Ignacio/Inya, Aishite Imasu 1941, Mahal Kita; Argo, Majika; Ruben, Adik Sa'Yo.

There's just something about Dennis. He's had his share of controversy, and then some, but then that face, that voice... He can play the gentleman, he can play the bad boy, he can even play a cross-dresser. He can play characters who are urbane or naive, cool or passionate. He can do comedy as well as he can do heavy drama. Need I say more?

Mike He
Mike He #2 <3

Nationality: Taiwanese
Born: 28 December 1983
Profession: Model, Actor
My first glimpse that made an impression: Ah Ken, Love Contract
Other roles: Ah Meng, Devil Beside You; Tie Nan, Express Boy; Huo Da, Why Why Love

That angelic face-- played the Devil Beside You. I couldn't resist pointing out that contrast. Once you've seen a Mike He drama, you'll find it hard to forget him. The funny thing is, my mom also can't resist watching his dramas when they air, rooting for him all the time. It must be genetic, no? Or Mike He's appeal simply is that great.

Ming Dao
Ming Dao <3

Nationality: Taiwanese
Born: 26 February 1980
Profession: Singer, Model, Actor
My first glimpse that made an impression: Hai Nuo, Le Robe de Mariage des Cieux. And he wasn't even the lead.
Other roles: Jun Hao, The Prince Who Turns into A Frog

When he plays a jerk, he's a jerk. But when he plays a sweet guy--- swoon. Melt. There's that smile again. You'll have to watch The Prince Who Turned Into a Frog to see the contrast, though... if you want Ming Dao to jerk your heart around between extremes. Since he's the one doing that jerking-- enjoy the ride!

Jung Yong Hwa
Jung Yong Hwa <3

Nationality: Korean (South)
Born: 22 June 1989
Profession: Singer, Actor
My first glimpse that made an impression: Shin-woo, You're Beautiful
Other roles: Member of the band CN Blue; Shin, Heartstrings/You've Fallen For Me

So shoot me, I adored Shin-woo hyung in YB, whether or not he was the lead. Again, the voice-- plus, that shy smile. Gets me everytime. He's really waaaay too young for me, but I can love to watch all of his dramas, right? If only I had a kid sister that age, I'd be arranging matseons--- hahaha.

Kim Nam Gil
Kim Nam Gil <3

Nationality: Korean (South)
Born: 13 March 1981
Profession: Actor
My first glimpse that made an impression: Only one glimpse, but what a glimpse! Bidam, Queen Seon Deok
Other roles: Gun Wook, Bad Guy

He didn't even come in until halfway through the drama and then he ran away with it and made the schizophrenic Bidam a household name. Tragic hero of epic proportions. Pop culture reference. He's in the army right now, but we fans will all be here with bells and yellow ribbons, waiting for his return, hoping, not for another Bidam, but for something that good or even way better.

Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho <3

Nationality: Korean (South)
Born: 22 March 1987
Profession: Actor
My first glimpse that made an impression: Jin-ho, Personal Taste/Perfect Match
Other roles: Jun-pyo, Boys Over Flowers; Yoon-sung, City Hunter

Also referred to in various circles as Lee Min Ho my God!, Lee Min Hot, Lee Min Holy shit he's gorgeous, and His Hotness. Personally, to me he's Jin-ho-- the "perfect match." *evil grin* I guess it's a good thing I did not watch BOF and segued right on to Perfect Match, because he did play a kid in BOF. But in Perfect Match, then in City Hunter-- boy oh boy oh boy. Eye candy to the nth degree. Did I mention that the boy can act as well?

Special mention:

Lee Seung Gi
Lee Seung Gi <3

Nationality: Korean (South)
Born: 13 January 1987
Profession: Actor, Singer
My first glimpse that made an impression: Hwan, Shining Inheritance / Brilliant Legacy
Other roles: Cast member, One Night Two Days; Dae-woong, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Puppy gets a special mention here... simply because he is one of my favorite Korean actors ever. But he's puppy-- the guy next door.. would you think of him as hot? Look at those dimples. Then you listen to him sing... then watch him in Shining Inheritance-- and wham. Someone hit you over the head with a baseball bat? No? It was just Seung-gi, then. Cause that's the force of the boy next door. You don't realize that you ended up falling for him anyway.

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