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It seems to me that I always have more trouble hatching good colors from creatu that I love.

I love ebilia, tesuri, veram and mirabilis, and they're the ones I have more trouble with, hatching colors. For one thing, I had abysmal luck with ebilia eggs and barely found just one a day last Halloween, while jaakus were cropping up left, right and center. So I kept buying ebilia eggs to hatch, and all of them but one was nattie; the only exception was sepia, my Sepulturera. I ended up dyeing all of them and then buying colored ebilias. Sighing forever.

I can't count the nattie verams and tesuris I've hatched either; it took me forever to hatch them colored. All my tesuris are either bought, potioned from other creatu, or gifts from friends. I think the only one I ever really hatched was StolenKisses, my silver. As for verams, I keep hatching creams and blacks by the score and naught else. Only exceptions are my ginger, EnigmaticSoul, and my silver, SecretDreams. I have yet to see hide or hair of a blonde or albino veram.

Whereas the only two albinos I ever hatched, and I was so astounded when I saw them that I fell off my chair, are creatu that aren't particular favorites of mine. However, because they are the only albinos I hatched so far, they're very special. Domitien the albino male vogar and Crangon the albino male skaldyr.

Also, with seasonals, I have better luck with jaakus and iluvus than with the others; I found more than one of these eggs a day, sometimes even three or four. Of the jaakus, I hatched three sepias, two creams, and a ginger; of the iluvus I hatched a cream and a silver. Uilus, easero and ebilia? One sepia and an abundance of natties everytime.

Now mirabilis, the revamp I've waited for for so long. I've hatched a dozen or so of them so far, and all I have to show for my pains are my sepia, Amihan, and my black, Perena (I think you know where I'm going with this naming trend, lol). Sigh, even on Rescreatu life doesn't always give you what you want and insists on giving you what you do not want.

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