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Mirabilis squishies have been revamped. Er, good. And Patrick wants to crack down on those who order items via the credit shop then ask for refunds. Which acts are reprehensible considering that Res is free to play and must rely on whatever small fund-raising activities it can muster in order to pay the bills and keep Patrick going. Hey, if I lived in the US, I'd probably be buying credit shop items too. CS eggs, FTW. I wonder what the new CS creatu will be?

But what's the biggest thing that happened on Res lately?

Names have been released! Names have been released! Hurray!

For those who don't know what that means, let me explain. Those pets that have died of abandonment and whose owners haven't resurrected them within the proper period have finally been deleted from the system, so that their names can be used again. EPIC.

Which explains how I made 1.2 mill yesterday off of two unnamed creatu that nobody would ordinarily get even if I gave them away free. Unnamed pets are at a premium as people scramble to hatch the names they want before other people use them.

I was like "you folks are crazy" as bidding escalated over my unnamed nattie mirabilis. When it stopped at 1.1 million I was breathless. ZOMG. Oh well.

Then I turned around and bought an awesome two-letter-named nattie kioka, Yz, from Fee aka Air, for 2.5 mill, or at a 75% discount. Fee says she's quitting, but I'm laying hope against hope she won't as she is one of the most proactive players on the site (I'm looking at you, Riyo, Allen aka Gunmetal, Whit aka LeTainted, eenobegeeto and Geonightrose). Fee going would be a big diminution on the site. Please stay, Fee!

Hoyess, and I saved my last hatch because I remembered an epic name I wanted. *cuddles Ayla the nattie tesuri* Another anagram of Laya. I luff her to bits.

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