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Wow, Patrick and his band of little elves (okay, okay, Teppy, I know you're not an elf...) have been quite busy lately. On the heels of the mirabilis revamp comes the roditore revamp.

Oh, before I forget, congratulations to all the staffies in training who made it to full staff status! And to my friend Whit aka LeTainted, for becoming head staffie, you rock!

Anyway, the roditore now looks absolutely gorgeous, like a fennec with bad intentions. Think Baha the fennec going bad. I managed to salvage a good name for myself out of everyone's pickings and hatched my first roditore, Annette. A nattie, but still gorgeous, and in accordance with my rule of keeping the first hatch of any creatu, I'm keeping her. LOL.

And also, also, also *spins around* I got a happy shock today when I hatched Danaya the blonde mirabilis. Guess it's obvious which Sanggre I love the most, huh? Danaya, played by Diana Zubiri, is the youngest of the four princesses of the enchanted kingdom of Encantadia. She holds the Earth stone and has the ability to call on the powers of earth and all living things.

As for hatches, it looks like the frenzy over rare names is over. Oh well, I made a million a day while the going was good, so couldn't exactly complain. Hatched some good names for people too.. Asteroid for Allen aka Gunmetal, and Elle for Astronaut, and I think I also hatched Tremble for Fee aka Air, and Clover for somebody else. And Ayla and Circuit and Annette for myself as well.

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