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Hrm, today's been quite good, all things considered. The springs gave me a pie crust instead of taking away something, someone bought my black mirabilis Maurette for 5 million tu, and I made a profit of 900% in less than an hour. So yes, things were good today.

New items came out today in honor of LeTainted, Kraine, deedlitmon, ohso and xeeroh.

Also, all three hatches today, all mirabilis, came out colored. Kerwin, the black male, Oracia and Bhangra the sepia females. Bhangra was named by Meggie4584 for 50k; the other two, having awesome real names, are in my shop for outrageous prices.

Meanwhile, I sold quite a lot of wajas today too thanks to both the forum and the search.

Things are looking up! Now if only tomorrow would be the same...

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