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So what's new on Res lately?

First, Scrora Cloud on Scria and the Trash Isthmus on Relcore got facelifts.

Second, the August Premium Pack is out. Hooray, Patrick and the developers are finally getting caught up on things. The pack contains a new trophy plus the items Captured Star, Book of Bad Poetry, Gladiolus, Smelly Cheese, Sea Serpent, Book of Omni, Moonstone Necklace, Aurdurs Favorite Toy, Comet Hair, Leo Mask, Infinite Popcorn Sack, and Little Angel Halo. Patrick adds that the Captured Star is a 1 use item that blesses your active pet with 5 intellect points, while the Infinite Popcorn Sack is an infinite use food item.

Third, a new Forum on Fan Clubs is up.

Fourth, and most important of all, pets can die again starting August 28, so Rescreatu players had better start filling their food pens. Only those pets on people's profiles will die if they are not fed, though, so pets in rancher shops and show rooms are safe. You can keep track of your pets' hunger status on your profile: once it says "dying," watch out. Ten days of dying and your pet will be in the graveyard. You will then have 15 days to resurrect it, using the Resurrection Quest, before it loses its name. If you don't revive it within 15 days after it dies, it will lose its name and someone else will be able to use it. If you revive it after the 15 days has elapsed, you will need to give it another name.

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