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Eeeeeeeeee, this is wonderful news *squees with delight*. All the while I had thought that the saga of the Emersons had ended with "Tomb of the Golden Bird". Now a little bird in one of the Amelia Peabody forums on Yahoo says there is to be a new book next year: River in the Sky. Yes!!! *does Indian war dance*.

I was kind of sad when people said that Tomb was the last Peabody book. Amelia, Professor Emerson, Ramses and Nefret, and the rest, are simply such wonderful characters that I thought it was a pity to finally close the book on them. I wanted to know what Nefret's third child would be and what it would be named, as it is ostensibly the forebear of my other favorite Elizabeth Peters character, John Tregarth aka John Smythe. Now it seems I'll get my chance!

If, that is, Elizabeth Peters continues the saga instead of going back in time the way she did with Serpent in the Crown. Another little bird says this story is shorter than the others, but please let it be good --- as the books of Elizabeth Peters / Barbara Michaels always are.

Here's what they said the book teaser would be:

Still banned from exploring the Valley of the Kings, Egyptologist Radcliffe Emerson and his intrepid amateur sleuth wife Amelia are spending a peaceful summer at their home in England. One day, the Emersons are visited by two men: Major John Morley and the Reverend Plato Pangopolous. The former wants to mount an expedition to the Holy Land; the latter is a Greek cleric on the lunatic fringe of Biblical scholarship. These two men have arrived for the same purpose: they both want Radcliffe and Amelia's help on a daring mission to locate the fabled Ark of the Covenant!

*turns cartwheels in delicious anticipation*

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