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Argh, I have backlogged quite a lot of Rescreatu news. Sorry about that. Anyway, quite a number of things have happened.

1. The intellect glitch has been fixed, which, sorry to say, now enforces the one-book one-reading one-intellect-point rule. So no more stashing pets in the rancher, taking them out again, and rereading the same books. In addition, books now have a 5% chance of being destroyed when you read them. Unfortunate side effect: Pet intellects were rolled back. Argh. The funny thing is, my mirabilis Phunk ranked 77th in intellect in the whole site without me realizing it. LOL.

2. We can now use HTML/CSS in user shops, galleries, rancher shops, and showrooms.

3. We can now set the order we want our pets to be in on our profiles.

4. We can now block pet trade requests.

5. A new profile module showing awards and rankings have been added (that's how I found out Phunk's ranking, lol).

6. Meragons can now be dyed indigo, rose and lime. Eeeee. *noms indigo meragons*

7. New staffies were honored with staff memorabilia items, so my friend Whit aka LeTainted has a balloon and a staff squishy. *grabby hands* Deedlitmon also has a squishy and a balloon while xeeroh and Allen aka Gunmetal have balloons. Staff in training will have green names in the SB.

8. 18 new default avatars were added, four default avatars were revamped.

9. We can train our creatu again (my friend Geonightrose is happy about this), and Super Healing Potions and Resurrection Potions are working again.

10. Class changes are back, and can be purchased as tokens in the credit shop, for those who have already used up their allotted class changes.

11. Allen resigned as staff, but Kindred, Raychol, Oombi and Vawn were accepted as new staffies. And yes, Ter aka o_O is back on staff!

12: Zenirix and valabex squishies in the seven natural colors are in the toy shop, for collectors.

Note: Liyure eggs are out of the credit shop, although the liyure retirement was not announced. Patrick has said it was unintentional, as the eggs had been scheduled to disappear at a certain date, and no one had thought to change that. However, the eggs have not reappeared in the CS, so it is safe to assume that Patrick will just retire them entirely and put out a new CS creatu.

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