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Squeeeeeee! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The revamp I've been waiting for for so long has finally arrived.

Mirabilis have both nattie colors and dye kit colors now. Oh, they are gorgeous! I've always loved them even when they were only natties, and I've been hoarding eggs for this day.

Mirabilis look so much like phoenixes, firebirds, and all those legendary birds with magic powers. Even the sepias are gorgeous. The dye kit colors are the loveliest of all.

I hatched only a nattie mirabilis, today though. Can't wait for tomorrow.

On a lighter note however, my friend HolyLeonheart, who said she'd try to hatch an albino for me, has finally hatched an albino female tesuri. Squeeeeeee like crazy!! Oh, this is wonderful. Can't wait till she's named and then my collection will be complete. Oh my lovely lovely tesuris! Oh my lovely mirabilis! Mirabile dictu! LOL.

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