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Hoyess, here are some of the books on my shelves.

One day my roomie said we should really, really catalog all the books I have because they were enough to fill the whole top bunk in our room... two to three deep. So we did. And I took photos of some of them with my cellphone camera. By that time, though, all that remained on the floor were the smaller books, the young adult and some Silhouette romances. I don't know why I tend to collect young adult books... maybe I want to be able to get one published someday. Anyway, see the books on the bunk behind that girl (I wonder who she is? :P) Yup, I wasn't kidding about where I put the books. There isn't anywhere else to put them in our room! I bought a plastic laundry basket, but even that can't hold all of them. *scratches head* maybe I ought to give some of them away, but no!!! *hugs books* I love them all!

At last count, I have over 500 books in there. I collect Barbara Michaels/Elizabeth Peters, Rita Mae Brown's Mrs Murphy stories, The Cat Who, Carole Nelson Douglas, Caroline G. Hart, Dorothy Cannell, Trixie Belden, Emilie Loring, Tamora Pierce, Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Moon, Sharon Shinn, to name a few. Amelia Peabody, Vicky Bliss, Jacqueline Kirby, Harry Haristeen, Qwill, Temple Barr, Annie Darling, Ellie Haskell, Trixie, Alanna, Sandry, Keladry, Lessa, Heris, Esmay, Kylara, and Yana are all my best friends, and Seshat, Bastet, Mrs. Murphy, Koko, Midnight Louie and Agatha are all MY cats!! LOL. Oh, and I can't decide between Ramses and John Tregarth. Really.

When I get a decent apartment of my own, I'll have a room just for my books. A personal library. And it will just keep getting bigger... and bigger...

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6 Responses
  1. magiceye Says:

    that is a huge collection and wonderful too!

  2. Ria Says:

    I used to have a collection like that too...Sweet Valley, Sweet Dreams, The Babyssitters Club, tapos it graduated to romance novels and Sidney Sheldon. But when my inaanak was old enough to read, pinamana ko na sa kaniya yung collection ko!

    my post is in my non-blogger site this week ;-)

  3. Laya Says:

    @magiceye: Thanks! :)

    @Ria: Oooooh, masuwerteng inaanak, hehe. I give books to my inaanak when they're old enough to read too :)

  4. Aloha from Maui!
    Wow..a whole laundry basket full of books. Nice.
    Happy Photo hunting to you!
    Cindy O
    Come by & visit

  5. srp Says:

    Now this is a BIG collection!
    I think you might need a whole house for the books, not just one room!
    My books are up here.

  6. Wow, I wished I started a book collection long ago. Nakakainggit ka naman. Happy PH, mine's up too.

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