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Yeee... I couldn't sleep.

Naah, t'wasn't coz I had just finished rereading both Trese books. I was just hyped because it's been a long day. First I got to have my Trese books autographed, and met Budgette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. Wheee. Then, I got to see David Cook and David Archuleta live in concert at the Mall of Asia, but that's another story. Long day.

Anyway. I first found out about Trese from two friends of mine at the office, who are avid Trese addicts and keep checking the Trese site regularly for updates. I am not a big horror fan. I hate "horror" and all that scary stuff, BUT I love the supernatural, just not late at night and I also love spec-fic. Big PLUS: thirteen is my lucky number, I kid you not-- I was born in the thirteenth barrio of a town also called Trese. So, Trese the komiks. Got interested.

Trese is the story of Alexandra Trese, who solves crimes that have a touch of the supernatural. Shades of Scully and Mulder? Well. And Supernatural, too. With a Pinoy twist. Here we see the richness of Filipino folklore superbly translated into a medium that can be understood even by non-Filipinos. Even Neil Gaiman likes Trese!

In Trese we see them all... Laman-lupa, tikbalang, nuno sa punso, kapre, tiyanak, encanto, all the stuff that we were told stories about when we were children. And among them moves the indomitable Alexandra Trese, mediator between the realms of mortal and faery, whom even the most powerful elementals cannot faze.

My own personal favorite is "Our Secret Constellation," which is Case No. 4 in Book 1: Murder on Balete Drive. It's got a twist on the story of a most beloved Filipino icon, that wrenches the heart. I should know, I cried over it. Didn't know one could cry over a scary story. No, won't tell you more... go buy the book or look it up on the Trese site. Php140 each (roughly a little less than USD3) at Powerbooks, National, and other bookstores, and you won't be disappointed.

"No reason to be afraid of the dark," Budgette wrote in my copy of Trese. Hm. Yes, I still sleep with the lights on. Perhaps I should pin this poster of Alexandra Trese over my bed. That oughta keep all those malignos at bay.

Well, gotta go sleep now. *keeps lights turned on*

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