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Yay!! Rescreatu Version 2 was up within 24 hours! Thanks to Patrick and his team! It looks great!

I immediately moved my pets back into the shop and the collections into the gallery. All 600+ of them. Kept about 10 on my profile, the ones I really love that aren't part of the collections.

Yay, I can still customize my profile and my pets' descriptions. Also, I can store pets in my shop and just price a few that I want to sell for the meantime.

Hatching has become more complicated. We now need to incubate eggs before we can hatch them and they will fail if hatched before they're ready. Then, after hatching, we now have the option of releasing the pet without naming it if we don't want to keep it, thus eliminating the excess of natties in shops and the forest.

There still are a lot of bugs though. For the meantime, players should avoid foresting any pets because the forest will not just take the one pet you select. It will include others, so avoid foresting if you don't want to lose your prized creatu.

I'm also still looking for the shoutbox because I miss chatting with my respals, but I can't find it. I hope it's because they just haven't put it up yet and not that they decided to scrap it altogether... that box is part of the glue that holds the community intact.

But still, glitches and all, it looks good... yay!!! *happy dance*

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