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The website is Rescreatu; its members lovingly call it Res. It is a virtual pet site where players hunt for eggs which they can hatch into virtual pets called creatu. They can either keep these creatu or trade or sell them to other players.

Site rules:
1. No more than one account per person.
2. Children below 13 are not allowed in the shoutbox or on the forums.
3. No obscenities/swear words allowed.
4. No spamming/scamming/trolling.
5. No begging for anything.
6. Advertisements are allowed in the shoutbox only twice an hour for each player.

Player etiquette:
1. Be polite, follow site rules, be nice to people.
2. Do not just add as friends all the people you feel like adding, as most players prefer to get to know a person first before they add them to their friends list. The least you can do is ask that person very politely if you can add them.

Once you have registered, the first thing you should do is:

1. Pick a job. You may either be a merchant or a rancher. The third class, society, was phased out. A merchant may open a merchant shop where he/she can sell items, is allowed one hatch a day, and can have 15 pets on his profile; a rancher may open a rancher shop where he/she can sell creatu, is allowed three hatches a day, and can have 25 pets on his profile.

2. Pick a planet. There are four planets in Rescreatu (which is really "creatures" transposed) -- Reiflem the fire planet, Scria the air planet, Atquati the water planet, and Relcore the earth planet. Each planet has specific creatu, both common and rare. Each planet, except Atquati, also has seasonal eggs which may be found there at certain times of the year. Scria and Relcore also have planet-specific creatu, intes for Scria and paor and leverene for Relcore, which may be found only by those living on the planet.

3. Create a bank account. You can use this to store and transfer tu, which is the site currency. Tu may be used to buy items and pets. All players start off with 10,000 tu each.

4. Create a shop, either merchant or rancher depending on your class. A shop starts at 5 item/creatu capacity; you may upgrade it later as you see fit.

5. Find some eggs. There is a list of all the eggs in the hatchery; the bigger the rarity percentage, the less rare it is. Thus, a 40% rarity egg is common, while a 1% rarity egg is rare. The percentage means just that, you are more likely to find common eggs than rare ones.

Do not look for the 0% rarity eggs as they are either seasonals or credit shop eggs. Seasonal eggs come out only for a week during certain holiday seasons while credit shop eggs may be bought for 200 credits for 3 eggs at the credit shop; credits cost 10 US cents or 100,000 tu each. Concentrate on finding the 0.9 - 2.5% rarity eggs, if you must.

6. Hatch some pets. You are allowed three hatches a day, and have the chance to hatch a natural (called a nattie) or one of seven natural colors (called a colored creatu). The colors are, in order from lowest to highest: sepia, cream, black, ginger, silver, blonde and albino, albino being the rarest and hardest color to hatch. Credit shop pets (also called CS pets) may hatch only either nattie, black or albino.

Name your pets well. The general consensus is that names that mean something are worth more than nonsensical syllables. Real names or real words, especially root words, should you be lucky to use one that hasn't been used yet by other players, cost quite a lot should you sell the creatu, even if it is a nattie. Four letter or three letter names, especially real words/names, drive the price higher. Some players also appreciate two-word names. Capitalize the first letter of the word or name, too.

You have to have an active pet to do a lot of things, so select one of your pets.

Note: Most Res citizens think first hatches are special, and usually keep at least their very first hatch in a place of honor, even if it is a common, nattie creatu. I kept my first three hatches, and the first hatch/first colored hatch I made of each species.

7. Make your daily rounds to find free tu, items or pets.

Free tu: Mystery Box (1k, 5k, 10k), Random Tu (any random amount), Twuntie Cay (items or 20k)
Free items: Alphabet Soup (squishies which your creatu can play with; if you complete the alphabet you get a trophy); Apple Tree to get an free apple for each of your creatu

Enchanted Springs: Free tu or items, but beware, it might also take items or tu from you or health from your active pet
Atqueen Forest: Flowers, which may be used in certain recipes or to resurrect a dead pet
You also have five chances each day to find creatu which have been abandoned by other players. Think carefully, though, because if you reject a creatu you found, it will be deleted from the system. Also watch out because some players have put up reward money for creatu they accidentally or ignorantly forested.
Trash Isthmus: You have one chance a day to pick up an item other players have abandoned. Watch out for this, because there are times when generous players throw away expensive or rare items, including eggs, for others to get.

Okay, that's it for this blog post. Next topics will be pet rarity, selling pets, and making tu, so watch out for those.

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