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Oh, yeah, I have decided to add a new category to my blog posts: pet sites!

I am currently on Rescreatu.com, Wajas.com, Howrse.com and Mweor.com. Other sites are Neopets, Marapets, Powerpets and Verpets. However, I still keep coming back to the first four more frequently than the others.

So I thought I might as well make user guides for the ones I know the best. XD Especially Rescreatu, the site I regard as my "main" pet site, the ones where I actually have friends instead of fellow players, so watch out for those. Also, Res is going to have its Version 2 up soon, yay!

Wajas is also currently undergoing revamps, and there's something new almost every day. I think I've got the hang of that game as well.

I'm still fairly new on Howrse and Mweor, so bear with my n00bish fumblings on those sites until I get my bearings.

Stay tuned!

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