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Oh yeah. One of life's simple pleasures: music.

I love this song. Sometimes it reminds me of things I'd rather not remember, but I still love it. One of the better songs produced by Pinoy bands. By Rivermaya, sung by Rico Blanco, 2005. Themesong of the now defunct teen supernatural series "Spirits," hence the vaguely Gothic ambiance, but this song has the potential to go beyond the series. Way beyond. Sometimes I forget that it was the series soundtrack, though Maja Salvador is one of my favorite young actresses in the local industry.

I think You'll Be Safe Here will be discovered and rediscovered by later generations. It should be. It's singable, it's easily remembered, it's emotional, tender, a bit idealistic, a bit emo as emo goes. It conjures up mental images, a bit Gothic, but still vivid mental images.

You'll Be Safe Here by Rivermaya, ladies and gentlemen. Still one of my favorite songs, still one of life's simple pleasures.

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