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Finally! The day has come!

We Res citizens are all on tenterhooks about it. We've been spending the past few days on Res backing up our profile codes and creatu descriptions in preparation for today. Although Pat, the site owner, says we have to wait at least 48 hours for the site to get back online, we're all excited to see Res Version 2.

I want to see all my creatu collections properly displayed, yihee.

The downside of this is that like a newly renovated house, we're all gonna have to get back in there and get things back to how they were before. That means re-upgrading our shops and galleries to their former sizes. And if you think that's not that bad, all our creatu are going to be placed on our profile so we can put them where we want them.

I only hope Pat doesn't activate at once that feature that lets creatu get hungry and die if you don't feed them. I have 23 profile pets, and about 600+ more in my rancher. Imagine having to sort out all of those 600+ creatu afterwards... I'll need lots of internet time for that.

But I'm going to have it easier compared to other players. I know two who have way bigger shops than mine... one has 1000+ pets and the other has 6000+! Multiply my travails to the 10th power!

ahahaha. despite all that, I can hardly wait for Version 2!!!! I hope Pat gets the new Res up as fast as possible. We are all so excited.

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