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So far, here are the updates on Rescreatu version 2 according to the Patrick Development Team:

June 4

1. The Foodpen glitch is fixed and we can now place multiple items from quick stock into our foodpens.
2. A Trash Isthmus glitch has been fixed
3. Fixed sending an item via inventory popup
4. Fixed profile module glitch with "Friends" & "All Pets" module as well as various profile errors.
5. Pot of Gold & Name Tags are functional again.

June 5
1. Pets now age again
2. Alert notifications now go away upon viewing the alert, not upon deleting the alert.
3. There is now a Top 50 trophy list as well as a master list of all available trophies.
4. Fixed HTML error in forum sigs
5. Fixed capitalization glitches through out the game including forum, pet names, etc.
6. Added a feature that allows you to edit the case of your pet names. Access this feature at your profile (next to edit pet page)
7. Added a link to your item gallery on your profile page.
8. Credit tokens are now functional again.
9. Fixed the images in the games section.
10. A hidden profile module has been released; clue to earning it has to do with the number of profile pets.
11. V2 collection items are out. For a week, we will be able to find the broken food pen, duplicate pet, hacker's story, lag monster, lag timer, society grave and V2 squishy every time we fail a hatch, that is, if we hatch an egg before it has finished incubating. (It doesn't fail all the time though; I tried to fail an otachie hatch by clicking it at only 7% incubation, and instead got my Ekaterin the cream otachie.) If we complete the collection, we'll get the V2 trophy.
*Note* All the items symbolize things that happened in V1: the perpetually broken food pen (worked for some but not for all), the ODE (two people buying the same pet at the exact same time clones the pet), the big hack (Res was down for almost a month and we lost several months' worth of pets, items and tu), the monstrous site lag each time more people than usual logged on at the same time, the 20 minutes that Res froze while it reset at midnight res time and the only thing still functioning on the site was the shoutbox, and the demise of the society class.

June 6
1. Alert notifications added for winning a pet auction, being outbid in a pet auction, and having your pet auction won.
2. Merchant shop search is now sorted by price.
3. Gender Pendants are now functional again.

June 8

1. Added pages to Rancher Shops.
2. Added pages to Showrooms.
3. Updated pet search to make it a little more user friendly. Price range box to be added soon.

June 9

The Skaldyr has been revamped! It formerly looked like a badly drawn dragon with a shell. Now it looks like a shrimp, lol. But still, a well drawn, pretty shrimp! I wonder if it still eats aheas? The old skaldyr did. Hahaha.

The egg looks weird, not like an egg at all. The black skaldyr looks really scary, but the blonde skaldyr is FTW. I like it best... well, gold and blue, who could lose? The green and brown shrimp, meanwhile, is my latest baby, Crustacea the sepia skaldyr. Debate is now raging on Res as to whether the skaldyr is a shrimp, a prawn, or a lobster. Personally, looking at Crustacea, I vote it's a shrimp. XD

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