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I guess I took a long time blogging about this because I felt sad. I had entertained hopes of buying black and even albino CS creatu or hatching them myself in the future. Although I do have an omni, a kioka and a liyure, they are all natties. I love them dearly anyway, and at this stage of my finances on Res, I'm currently very middle class, able to afford some perks, but unable to buy what the rich players could. Or, in this case, given where I live and the state of my real-life finances, also unable to buy what people in other countries with paypal and credit cards can. So that means I can't really get rich selling credit-shop creatu, and have to take my chances on seasonals and colored creatu.

Anyway, omni and kioka eggs are in the credit shop only until Friday, June 19. Then they will be retired. Gone for good. Which means that omni and kioka eggs and creatu are worth their weight in tu right now, and prices are rocketing sky-high. Also, no one is buying much of other creatu because everybody is saving up for omnis and kiokas. So unless my very good friends who are able to buy CS eggs are willing to sell me some at cost, omnis and kiokas will pass without me making much off them.

Liyures were also originally intended to go along with the omnis and kiokas. However, due to some protests because really, they are relatively new creatu, liyures have been granted a reprieve and their eggs will be in the credit shop indefinitely. So I guess I better save up for those, too. Tu can be exchanged for credits at 100ktu/ credit, and CS eggs are 200 credits for three eggs, so... think of how much tu I'll need to save up just to buy them, sigh.

On the plus side, there will be new CS creatu released to take the place of omnis and kiokas, so people are excited over that. Not that I will be among the first to buy them, of course. As usual, I'll have to wait for bargains.

Well, as in real life, so in virtuality, I guess.

At present my CS creatu are:


BetaSpiritus, the first creatu anyone ever gave me on Res, a gift from wonderful NightsWhiteWolf. Slated for a Gold and Silver Dye kit. She deserves to be beautiful since she's my best-loved creatu.
AlphaCorporeus, Beta's mate.
Pilya (Filipino for "naughty girl"), whom I recently bought for 5M tu before her price could go any higher.


Bathala (Filipino for "Supreme God"), the first CS egg I ever bought
Diyosa (Filipino for "goddess"), a gift from wonderful Toshi, and slated for a Gold and Silver Dye Kit as soon as I can scrape up the 10M tu for it.
Bathaluman (Filipino, a combination of "bathala" and "paraluman" which means peerlessly beautiful. So I guess it means "divine beauty.")


GoddessBastet, named after the Egyptian cat goddess, a gift from wonderful, wonderful Geonightrose.
Gah, now I need two more liyures, lol.

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