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Ah yes. Been meaning to write about this topic in this blog for some time now, but always got sidetracked. Sorry, Mia...! Anyway, I got invited to an exhibit of the artworks of a friend of mine the last weekend of May. I was very excited because she's a really great artist, and this would be her first exhibit, she said, although her works have been posted on Deviantart and her own website for some time now.

But enough of my blather... let's let her artwork do the talking XD Aside from these wonderfully intricate works, she also does marvelous calligraphy, even prettier than in the dedication she put at the back of the one design I got. The beautifully colored faceless lady, BTW, is titled Murasaki, while the dreaming girl is Briar Rose, as in the Sleeping Beauty. If you look close enough at the railing where Briar Rose is leaning, you'll just make out a tiny dragon. LOL.

My favorites were Sola & Lune (Sun and Moon), two studies of women's heads, with the sun and the moon incorporated into the design, respectively, but there weren't any prints available of those. I hope Mia manages to get prints done of them, though, because I want one!

And... here are the details for the exhibit, if you want to drop by.

Exhibit: Paraluman
Artist: Maria Sophia "Mia" Sereno
Start Time: Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 7:00pm
End Time: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 7:00pm
Location: BlueWings ArtSpace, 2nd level, Rafa's Deli+Cafe, Unit C 10
Street: Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights
City/Town: Quezon City, Philippines
Email: ephemere@gmail.com

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