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The Chimby has now been revamped by the uber-talented Nekodragon. What once looked like a timid kangaroo rat has morphed into a cute little mouse... a cuddly mouse that bites. LOL. And it's now available in all dye kit colors.

My friend Toshi must now be turning cartwheels as she liked the chimby even before the revamp. I haven't hatched any though. XD

Now everybody will be taking their minds off the ardurs and skaldyrs and hatching chimbys. Well I suppose there had to be a reason I was hoarding chimby eggs.


Bought a beautiful blonde ebilia for only 5mill tu to add to my collection. Name's UndeadSoul. Rather fitting name for a skeletal cat that looks like the Grim Reaper, dontcha think?

First hatch of the day is a cream ardur, yay...

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