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Note: I shall try not to post spoilers. :P

Bumblebee is soooo cute! If there ever was a cuddly robot, he'd be it! :P

Haha, non sequitur. The main thing I love about this movie: special effects! Lots and lots of beautiful special effects. You can't help but love the Autobots; it's amazing how they can show emotions, from the first time Bumblebee burst out of that garage with guns ablaze. But I'm still puzzled about how robots could cry... in the first place, what would they cry seeing they don't have tear ducts, and in the second place, wouldn't they rust? Aside from that, though, the robot action was great. Looking back on the old movies with what my dad used to call "mechanical" special effects (Nami ni 'nak, may [This is good, daughter, there are] mechanical [special effects]!), from all the jerky actions of dinosaurs and monsters in those old adventure movies, to these fluid, ever-in-motion, ever-changing robots, it's clear the art of movie special effects have come a long long way. *snaps a salute to Spielberg*

Memorable quotes:

If God created us in His own image... then who created him? (referring to Optimus Prime)

I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message so that our past will always be remembered. For in those memories, we live on. (Optimus' lines at the end of the movie)

Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing. (Optimus Prime to Sam)

Run, Sam... run.

We're in Vegas!

What I'm about to show you is top secret... don't tell my mother!

One man, alone, betrayed by his country, now its only hope!

It's not supposed to end this way! (Sam)

My father was a wheel! The first wheel! And do you know what he transformed into? Nothing! But he did it WITH HONOR!! (Jetfire)

Soldier, you're not paid to speak but to shoot.
(Soldier mutters) Don't tempt me.

I rise... you fall. (Optimus Prime)

You ain't gonna eat me!

Ugh... I'm too old for this crap! (Jetfire)

Leadership is not taken... it has to be earned.

Not that I'm calling you a coward, my lord, but...sometimes the cowards do survive. (Starscream to Megatron)

Favorite scene:

Sam talking to Bumblebee about college. Bumblebee scolds himself for almost getting exposed, then plays "I'm so excited, I just can't hide it," then shows disappointment, then cries. I think Bumblebee is the most humanized Autobot in the movie, actually. He even sagged when something bad happened to Sam. In contrast, Optimus is all Prime, all noble and dignified even when he falls.

The part where Bumblebee acts up when Alice gets in the car with Sam. "...your cheating heart..." was so LOL.

The scene with the parachutes in the plane over Egypt. Watch for it... XD


Not really for kids... there was a sexual undercurrent to the movie, and the kids are the ones who are actually drawn to the movie because of the robots and the special effects. There were only three female figures in the movies, and one was ditzy, the second a literal femme fatale, and the third and most prominent was markedly seductive from the first time she is shown straddling a motorcycle wearing short short shorts that my mom would say "kita na ang kaluluwa (shows the soul)." Add to that two dogs in heat, a small, and according to Sam, "perverted" Decepticon, and sparks, sizzles, and a lot of frustration between Sam and Mikaela. (Overheard in the CR at the cinema: "Love story ata to eh. (I think this is really a love story).") Moms and dads who watch the movie with their kids should be prepared for questions!

There was a time when I actually found the robot fights tedious, when Sam was trying to make his way to rescue in the last part. I was actually yelling "enough already!"

Quite a few cliches and predictable parts. Hrm, I should watch the movie again and actually count how many cliches I find :P For one, if my parents were watching the movie, my dad would be yelling "Tanga! Ungas! Diin utok mo! Kita mo na mamatay ka na way ka pa nagdalagan! (Fool! Idiot! Where is your brain! You already see that you will killed, but you don't run!)" Plus, I can't count the number of times I've already seen the rock city of Petra, Jordan, in movies, including Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I was like, oh noes, not Petra again! And the pyramids. Once Egypt and "three kings" were mentioned, those conversant with geography would likely think, duh, Giza has three pyramids. Then, the part about the "showdown at the OK corral," where the "twins" park right in front of a ginormous truck. I was like, uh-oh, giant truck. Decepticon. It would be kinda hard to ignore something that huge and obvious. Then the thing with Sam and Mikaela right before the final robot battle made me think "what's this? Far and Away?"


Sam's name seems to be an allusion to the American symbol. Again, a good vs. evil motif, death and resurrection, faith and leadership. And did anyone notice that the Fallen resembles a pharaoh?


If you went to see Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen expecting something profound, you'd be disappointed. For this movie, plausible works instead of thoroughly logical. However, for those who want to escape a while from the real world and be entertained, or who appreciates special effects and the way those robots can move, you'll find a lot to like in this movie. And yes, not to mention the laughs; lots of funny one-liners, actually. So bear in mind that this is a movie based on toy robots, and have fun!

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