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I spent the weekend trying to catch up on the Waja design contest. I didn't much notice its existence at first, and then I was too bushed on weeknights after work to think up designs. So I spent my Saturday and Sunday trying to do them after having set a goal to enter each and every category, deadline Sunday noon my time. Ngyaha, spoken too soon.

I ended up creating bipolar extremes, I think. Most of my designs were very... gothic, to say the least. The water waja, the second design I created, looked as if it was bleeding, and the corsie looked like a zombie. So I tried to make happy designs too, but I think they weren't as powerful as my gothics. Speak of the unconscious mind at work.

Anyway, here they are. I don't think any of them will win, but making them was fun and rather cathartic. Whaddaya think?

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