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Say yay! Atqueen's back. We can return to the search for lost pets (and unexpected treasures).

Pat finally got around to fixing the forest so that we can search for abandoned pets that we can adopt. I know some of my friends would be happy over that, as they can now continue their search for pets they accidentally forested, such as Raru's Claire.

The Resurrection Quest is also back, so that means I better stock up on food, as pets will now die of hunger if left unfed. Hello, food pen, you're back in business m'dear.

The May and June Premium Packs have also been released and are in the Credit Shop. The Water Cannon, Doughnut Slingshot, Pizza Thrower, and Box o Huggles Maker are functional again, and I have already received a pizza and a great big bear hug from a couple of wonderful people.

Also, the Stock Market now keeps track of portfolio purchases and sales, and in response to suggestions from members, the way we release pets at Atqueen Forest has been updated and it is now more user friendly.

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