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Yes, the Zaphaos, often called zaphs or zaphies, have been revamped.

Although there are those who have been going "OMG a zaphao revamp so cool!" there are those who said "ewwww, now I don't like them at all!"

Frankly, I used to love the zaphaos. The babies were cute, and I kept my zaphaos babies because I didn't like the teen and adult forms. Now I'm not sure at all. The babies look like the teen berroks, all "graaaah" and stuff. And zaphaos are supposed to generate lightning... they shouldn't go graaaah, but more like zzzzzzt.

When Breeze pointed out that albino teen zaphs look like their claws are bleeding, someone dubbed them sparklpires, LOL. "Don't love me, I am a monster!" That kind of stuff. Well, I suppose someone will call them Twipaos soon *definitely NOT a Twilight fan*.

Wait, someone just said in the SB, "Zaphaos are the new natties." LOLOLOLOLOL.

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