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So. It's November! It's NaNoWriMo! Which means 30 days of rush, rush, rush... in addition to the other things I'm supposed to be doing. Boss, please don't make me do lots of OT this month, please...

Anyway, the Halloween egg hunts on Rescreatu are over... which means that I can for the moment just do my dailies on there and then focus more on writing. Until this month is over, anyway. I did manage to find at least one or two ebilia eggs a day... which pales in comparison to the dozens that everyone else seems to have picked up. A very pleasant surprise, though, was hatching four colored ebilias, one sepia and three creams, in as many hatches. Whoo hoo! And yes, I finally hatched my black jaaku, who I named Kapre. My roommate Eva thinks it's not a good name, but I think it suits him, you know, being black and scary and all.

I just need two more ebilias to complete my collection. I dyed Saleos amber already, and have an orchid dye kit in reserve, just in case they suddenly make ebbies available in orchid. Then I want to bean Nocturnia silver and Sabrael albino. I thought at first it'd be okay the other way around, but I realized Nocturnia after all means "night," so... night, moon, silver moonlight. Crossing my fingers for that. If I ever earn enough extra tu to buy beans, that is.

Anyway, NaNoWriMo. Aargh, I hope I can do this! I'm already behind by 7000 words! *types furiously* It's just that the hunt was drawing to a close anyway and I wanted eggs, so I spent more time on that than on writing. Now I need peace and quiet. LOL.

Wish me luck!

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