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While Rescreatu still remains my virtual pet site of choice –the occasional noobs and trolls aside, it’s still got the nicest, friendliest folks this side of the virtual pet universe—there’s another site that’s been holding my attention lately.

This is Dragon Stable, or Dstable.com, run by Jooshy (Jooshypnut on Rescreatu), and still in Beta stage. A lot of the Rescreatu regulars are on it too, which explains how I found it, lol—whenever I get on DStable it feels like home because of all the familiar names, including a friend of mine from Rescreatu, Geonightrose, who’s one of the DStable staffies. Warning: extreme addiction may result from registering on this website.

To sign up and join me on DStable just click this banner.

There are a lot of virtual pet sites and a lot of virtual pet dragon sites, you might say. What makes DStable special? Well, for starters it’s not one of those “adoptable pet” sites where you need page views to keep your pet alive or get it leveled up. Nosirree. DStable requires a lot of work and experimentation if you want to achieve your goals in the game. One good thing is, your dragons don’t die. They just refuse to do anything you want them to do if they’re hungry. XD

You start out with one dragon and a weapon, and some DD’s (DStable currency), to make your way in the world. Along the way, you encounter other dragons and have to fight them. Warning: Before you go anywhere, buy some weapons and equip them to your dragon, and feed it well as it won’t do anything if its hunger is 25% and below.

Before you can hunt in an area, the guardian of the area first gives you a quest by which you earn a specific number of times you can hunt there. Warning: Do not let your DDs drop below 10k, as this is a quest requirement. Once you complete the quest, you can get in and hunt.

You can’t run away from a dragon fight, so be prepared. If you don’t have any weapons equipped, you’ll be stuck till the next day, even if you equipped other weapons after the fight started. (It was my first boo-boo on the site.) At the end, you have to kill or be killed. Once the other dragon’s health drops below a certain level, however, you get the option to capture and name it, in which case it goes into your stable. If you kill it, you get some DD and your dragon gains experience which counts towards leveling up. If you capture it but decide not to keep it, you can also sell it to the DART on the world of Dargofka for DDs.

Don’t forget to train your dragon as well. Random events can give you stones you can use to train your dragons and raise their stats, or you can buy them from NPC or player shops. Don’t get mad if someone throws a rock at you… you also get rocks from random events and throwing them at people gives you, or the random person you hit, the chance to get items.

There are eight basic dragon breeds -–Wraith, Tauri, Cerber, Fyrdrake, Zefrin, Koriet, Azurok and Eugrik-- and two special breeds –Steema and Quilin-- that you can get from battling. Each breed has four elements --Earth, Water, Air and Fire-- which basically determines the dragon color. You get the special breeds only if your dragon reaches certain levels of the game.

But that’s not all. There’s a reason the site is called Dragon Stable. This is where it gets interesting—you can breed your dragons to produce new elements and breeds. Everyday you get the chance to breed a maximum of three dragon pairs every nine hours, which may or may not produce a baby dragon. Since Jooshy won’t tell us what to breed to produce which element and new breed, it makes for a lot of experimentation as we try to discover the right formula for ourselves. Since there are forty basic types of dragons to start with, the possibilities are endless.

Once I got the hang of it, I captured the 32 basic types in like three days and am now trying to get new elements and breeds while going after the special breeds. So far I’ve produced two steam tauri and a blaze wraith, and am tickled pink over them. I can hardly wait to find out tomorrow if I get new baby dragons from my latest experiments. So far, my main dragon is a Fire Wraith named Ramoth (although it's a male), and all my dragons are named after my most favorite dragons of all-- the Dragons of Anne McCaffrey's Pern.

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