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Now I know why the jaakus are so plentiful this year! Nice move there, Pat.

The two witches Xespa and Xoria, for one, have a quite expensive war that will need a lot of jaaku and ebilia eggs. The circulation of the reward items from the two witches will depend on the number of people who decide to give up their hard-earned seasonal eggs for those items.

Then, along comes the "failed hatch" items: Ebilia skulls and Jaaku cloaks. If you were trying to hatch an ebilia or a jaaku, and hatched it before the incubation period ended, you will end up with either a creatu or a failed hatch; now if you don't end up with a creatu, you will get an item, and the color of the item will correspond to the color the creatu would have been had the hatch been successful. So you will get a nattie ebilia skull, or a sepia, cream, black, ginger, silver, blonde or albino. Likewise, you'd get a nattie jaaku cloak, or a colored one.

The question will be, which can you afford to get? Could you afford to give up the albino ebilia or jaaku for the uber-rare skull or cloak? It's already so hard to hatch an albino ebilia... my ultimate dream pet... without seeing it die, even if I get a super-rare item in its place. Howell.

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