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Ye-es. Exactly. Happy Halloween, fellow Res citizens!

For item collectors, new items are the Ghostly Tale, Staff Phone Book, Jaaku Lantern, Lion Dance, Pumear, Staked Steak, and the Tickle Monster. We've all been having lots of fun with the last one as it's a Black Market item, not a credit shop item, and it lets you send the tickle monster to tickle your friends.

Then we have a new dye kit... the Amber Dye Kit is finally out. Although the update said it was only for the Zenirix, Roditore, Mirabilis, Ahea, Otachie, Zaphao, Chimby, Skaldyr, Malal, Easero, Gondra, and Berrok, I discovered it could also dye ebilias, so I grabbed Saleos, one of my natties, and dipped him. Now if only we could have orchid ebilias I'd be very happy. LOL.

Fashion Galore got new polo shirts, and the Freaky Toy Outlet got four new Freaky Toys, and there's a avatar.

Last but not the least... JAAKUS ARE OUT, AND THEY CAN BE DYED!!! Oh my! They'll be out for a week, oh my! And what are these two rival witches the update is talking about?

A lot of people have been finding tons of jaaku eggs, while I stick to my usual three or four. Some people were banned for using auto-refreshers /shame on you guys!/ and egg collection has been capped to 100 a day.

As for me, I've been feeling under the weather this week, which has been incredibly sunny after a month of storms. I hope I do better with ebilias than jaakus this year.

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3 Responses
  1. Emily Says:

    :O /searches for a date/ Was this entry posted this year? So THAT's why I was banned! I was refreshing *myself* like crazy and suddenly banned. And the frustrating admin won't get back to me. Good to know the reason, at least..

  2. Laya Says:

    Hello, Emily. Yes, this was posted recently. If you have Twitter, you can perhaps send a private message to Patrick on the Rescreatu twitter account, or if you have a friend on Rescreatu, he or she can perhaps drop an rmail to LeTainted about the matter. Just as long as you weren't actually using an auto-refresher...

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Emily: If you weren't using a refresher, please sign up under a new account and send in a support ticket with as much information as you can supply. If you weren't cheating then I'm sure we'll be able to return your account =].

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