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Today is Thursday, so it's time for some drama love! If you like musical dramas, you haven't heard of What's Up yet and you don't mind spoilers, then today's link love post is for you. What's Up is about a group of young people who meet in college and love music, and how they pursue their dreams. Sounds familiar you say, like Dream High 1 and You've Fallen For Me [both of which I love so much]? Oh, but the secret is in the treatment, and you will find that What's Up is totally different from the other two in many ways. For one thing, it's darker, but don't worry, it's not too angsty except in a good way.

We have our requisite students: Jae Hun, the street rat who's harboring a sense of guilt over something he didn't do; Tae Hee, the wide-eyed innocent who needs to have her eyes opened to the real world; Do Sung, the shy guy whose alter ego is a rock star; Doo Ri, the girly-girl who does a turnaround into rebel chick; Byeong Gun, the singer with acute stage fright; and Soo Bin, the lone wolf composer. We've also got our resident mean girl and diva, Chae Young, the pop idol. And then we've got our maverick professor, Sunwoo Yang, who has quite a lot to teach his students about life although it takes a while for them to realize it. Personally, my favorite character here is Doo Ri-- the girl has got spunk, and just gets better and better.

So. Since the lovely people over at my favorite site Dramabeans have been so good as to recap What's Up...  on to the links!

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