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Dream High just concluded in Korea. I was not able to watch it because (1) there's no cable at home; and (2) my wonderful and very cooperative ISP promised me "unlimited surfing" then imposed a data cap of 800mb per day on its very slow connection so that I hadn't even finished viewing an episode before the cap came down. So I ended up reading the recaps on Dramabeans instead... linking them here for you to enjoy.

Even if I was only reading the recaps, Dream High surprisingly got me addicted. It's a good little drama with heart, and I hope I will be able to watch it soon.

Dream High's cast of characters:
Bae Su-ji as Go Hye-mi
Kim Soo-hyun as Song Sam-dong
Taecyeon as Hyun Shi-hyuk/Jin-gook
Ham Eun-jung as Yoon Baek-hee
IU as Kim Pil-sook
Jang Woo-young as Jason
Eom Ki-joon as Professor Kang Oh-hyuk
Lee Yoon-ji as Professor Shi Kyung-jin

Special participation:
Park-Jin-young as Wang Jin-man
Bae Young-joon as President Jung Ha-myung

SPOILER WARNING: If you don't like spoilers, don't read the recaps!
But if you're like me and you don't mind, then enjoy!

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