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So. I'm going to try and blog a lot more, and I've worked out a sort of schedule for posts-- which I hope I can keep to, lol. Monday is for Arts and Crafts and similar stuff. Tuesday is still for book teasers; Wednesday is going to be for my book collection; seeing as I have hundreds of them, I should be blogging about them, right? Thursday is for TV and movies; although Pinoy dramas are going to be discussed over at Pinoy Drama Rewind, we've still got K-dramas, T-dramas, American TV, and all other non-Pinoy media to talk about. Friday is for games, since I'm on a lot of pet sites as well. Saturday is for personal thoughts -- and maybe a day free for myself now and then. Sunday is for fashion and beauty and similar stuff. I just hope I can keep to the sked!

Anyway, let's start off the new schedule and Arts and Crafts Monday with a mood board from my collection of stationery and cards, and a couple of sketches I'd done way back in college.

I used to collect stationery samples all through high school and college, and most of it is still intact. Figured I might as well share them with the world. I also collected the cards -- quick references for quotes, instant inspirations and pick-me-ups, and similar stuff in the time before the internet became the go-to place for them.

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