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Please bear in mind that I am not Korean, so a lot of the stuff dealing here with Korean culture are based on my own deductions from the drama itself, or research, and it may not be totally accurate, although I learned a lot about their culture just from this drama. If you're a Korean reading this blog and I might have misinterpreted or misread some cultural nuance, please feel free to explain it to me nicely.

Episode 4

The gals at Dramabeans say backhugs indicate
 a one-sided love on the part of the person doing the hugging...

In Episode 3, we left Granny clinging to Eun Sung when the latter was about to leave her in the hospital after finding her unconscious at the bottom of a steep flight of stairs. The doctor has just told Eun Sung that Granny has amnesia after she fell and hit her head. [I guess it's a foregone conclusion what happens next, huh?]

Granny tells Eun Sung that she doesn't want to be alone, and Eun Sung remembers what she overheard Granny say earlier, during the altercation with the other vendor, that she's an old woman without any family. So she brings Granny home, but she hasn't got any food in the house aside from the leftover mandoo that she wasn't able to sell that day. Anyway, she eats with Granny, reminds her to take the medicine the doctor gave her, and says that she has to go out again for a while.

Hwan still hasn't gotten up for the day; he is sulking in bed in his room. Young Ran comes in to tell him to go and eat and that Granny left home very early that morning. He tells his mom to book him a ticket back to America but she dithers and tells him to talk with Granny first. [Yeah, since, you know, Granny really is the one paying for everything since it seems she's the only one in the family who actually works.]

At Eun Sung's, Granny is huddled in a corner, trying to come to terms with losing her memory.

Hwan-way ticket, Hwan-way ticket, Hwan-way ticket to the blue...

Hwan is still mad at her. After speeding his car, he goes to book a one way ticket [Hwan-way ticket? Heh. Heh. Heh.] back to New York. [I sure would like to know how he figures he can live there on his own if Granny won't want to support him anymore. But I guess that fact hasn't hit him yet.]

Meanwhile, Eun Sung is out posting fliers for the missing Eun Woo. She happens to notice a sidewalk vendor selling [bright red!] lingerie.

When she gets home, she is met outside by Hye Ri, who wants to know how Eun Sung proposes to take care of Granny on top of the other things she has to do. You know, like selling mandoo, paying for the house, buying food for herself, and looking for Eun Woo. But Eun Sung says that it's because she hopes that someone somewhere also took in Eun Woo and took care of him like she did Granny. Hye Ri asks what she would do if Granny doesn't get her memory back, and advises Eun Sung to take Granny to the police and let them take care of her. But Eun Sung says that Granny doesn't have any family anyway, and Hye Ri then tells her to send Granny away. You know, like she's a stray cat or something. What they don't know is that Granny has overheard them.

When Eun Sung comes in and asks Granny how she is and if she remembers anything, Granny thus goes on the defensive, saying that it's her fault for hitting her head, and that she might be a beggar woman without any family, especially with what she is wearing. [Heh, she's fixated on her clothes, which we do know is a disguise.] So Eun Sung tells her that maybe those are her working clothes, and then shows Granny some clothes that she bought for her.

Meanwhile, Hwan is drinking in a bar, where the bartender is his sidekick Young Suk. Seung Mi meets him there, and he tells her he's going back to America the day after next, and that he's not coming back anytime soon. Which of course shocks and saddens Seung Mi [how would she get him to propose to her if he's not there?] and she has a few drinks herself. He's startled and tries to stop her at first because she can't hold her drinks very well. She then asks him why he likes America so much; is it because he hates it at home? She then proceeds to get drunk, and reproaches him, telling him that he is a bad guy.
"You acted like you don't know, but undoubtedly you knew about my feelings. You did not say that you don't want to or you want to."

He tells her that she should remember his temper and that he doesn't stay with people he doesn't want to be with. Then he asks her what's so good about a person like him, and she tells him "Warmth. To me." Because, you see, Seung Mi is the only person that Hwan has ever shown affection for. And she moves in real close... and Hwan lifts his hand...

...and for a moment there Hwan and I [pwahaha, how would you have me say it? I was thinking it and it was obvious Hwan was too!] thought she was going to actually get up her courage and kiss him, but at the last moment she turns her head aside and lays it on his shoulder and embraces him, and Hwan drops his hand again. He looks a bit disappointed.
I should look so great in an outfit that simple!

He takes her outside, and they have to wait for a driver because none of them could drive in that condition. Seung Mi comes over to him and hugs him from the back and asks him not to go.
Yeah, pretty much sums up their relationship, doesn't it?

At Granny's house, Young Ran and Jung are interrogating Butler Pyo as to Granny's whereabouts, but they aren't getting anything out of him, because he doesn't know where Granny is either, and she left her cellphone behind. Butler Pyo says however that Granny does these things for a reason, although they may not know what it is.

At Eun Sung's, Granny tells Eun Sung that if she still doesn't remember anything the next day she will go to the police station herself. In the early morning, Granny wakes up to see Eun Sung making mandoo [rice dumplings, apparently not the usual mandoo] while half asleep. She wants to go with Eun Sung, and gives suggestions as to how to serve the mandoo [with dwenjang and hot soup].

Young Ran finds that Granny's bed still hasn't been slept in. While Young Ran, Jung and Butler Pyo worry over what's happened to Granny, Hwan naps on the sofa. His mom nags him why he isn't worried that something might have happened to his grandma, he just says that it's because Granny doesn't know how to make it up to him after she hit him, and thus she's avoiding him. [Self-centered much, kiddo?] Butler Pyo looks resigned, but then he knows that there's some truth in what Hwan said: Granny went out because she wanted to think about what to do about her grandson.

Granny and Eun Sung are selling mandoo. Extras on the side: dwenjang, hot soup, and an Eun Woo flier.

At home, Eun Sung does the exact same thing that Granny does with money: she straightens each bill out very carefully and flattens them on the table. When Granny tells her to come and eat, she says she will after she finishes with the money, so Granny asks how come she cares so much about money at her young age, and her answer also echoes Granny's earlier remark, that money is scary. And that makes Granny's memory come flooding back...

"My dad passed away because of money. I lost Eun Woo because of money. I can't do better in finding my brother because I don't have the money. I... if I manage to find Eun Woo I will really work hard to earn money."

Eun Sung keeps up this monologue while straightening out the bills; she is facing away from Granny so she can't see the expressions playing across the old lady's face as the revelations burst in on her and she remembers her grandson who doesn't even know the value of money. Granny finally drops her spoon and clutches her head, and Eun Sung comes running asking if she has a headache.

Having failed to get any information out of Butler Pyo, Young Ran goes running to Director Park next. He promises to check if Granny has had an accident or something.

Butler Pyo is out in the early morning trimming shrubs and worrying about Granny when he gets a call from her, relieving his mind.

She tells him to tell her family that she will be back after resting for a few days. [Hrm, I wonder what Granny's got up her sleeve now...] Hwan remarks that his flight is the next day, which makes Director Park, also present, raise his head in interest, but he doesn't say anything.

Eun Sung is still out putting up fliers, when Jun Se pulls up in his car, or rather Hyeong Jin's car which he had borrowed for a while. He surprises her, making her laugh, and holds out a bag of food which he bought. They then both go off, presumably to post fliers, although we see them next on a park bench, discussing Korean food. Both bring out lunchboxes, and Eun Sung brings out... more mandoo, since it's more economical to eat the leftovers from her wares. He also mentions that he heard she now had an old lady living with her as well, and asks if she is really all right with the situation... of course, she says she is. Then she has a nosebleed. [K-drama shorthand for overworked, according to the ladies at Dramabeans.]

Jun Se applies first aid, and insists that she swap lunches with him. He takes a bite of the mandoo and she asks him how it tastes. He tells her: "It's already getting cold but it's still... don't sell this anymore! you might as well come to my restaurant and develop the menu together." But she asks him why he wants her to work at a restaurant owned by Hyeong Jin [because she still believes that Hyeong Jin is the rich one and Jun Se the poor one]. "Do I really look that pitiful?" She basically says she doesn't want charity [she's got you there, Jun Se] and reminds him that she hasn't asked for his help, and that even though she let him help her with looking for Eun Woo, it didn't give him the right to pity her. So she thanks him for his help, and asks him not to bother anymore, and walks away, leaving him to castigate himself for not thinking more carefully before speaking.

Girl's got pride, unlike a lot of people I know! [And I want that gray shirt she's wearing!]

Jung brings Hwan his lunch, since he has not eaten dinner and breakfast. He tells her to take it away, but she tells him that even if he sulks, his mom won't let him leave for abroad before Granny gets home [well, once in a while Young Ran gets her head on straight, although I think in this case she's more afraid of Granny than of her son getting angry]. Jung also reminds him that he hasn't gotten his bag back yet, and he muses that yes, he hasn't heard from that person who had it. So he calls the club, and of course is told that Spy isn't working there anymore. He then blames Jung for interfering when he and Eun Sung were having their confrontation in the club, saying that he would have gotten the bag back then. Now he thinks that Eun Sung is hiding from him, and calls Hyeong Jin, who immediately turns off his cellphone when he sees who's calling. So Hwan just texts him instead that if he doesn't answer the call, Hwan might come to see him in person. [Haha, even though Hyeong Jin doesn't really deserve this, I don't feel sorry for him wehhhh :P]

So Hyeong Jin goes to see In Young, who doesn't know where Eun Sung is either. She asks him why the sudden interest in Eun Sung when he left her after he found out that her family went bankrupt.

Eun Sung comes home to find that Granny hasn't touched her lunch and is now grousing that it can't be eaten, that it's not enough. [Wait a moment, if Granny has gotten her memory back, why is she still here...?] Granny fills the air with all sorts of complaints, leaving Eun Sung to scratch her head in bewilderment. Then she realizes Granny is not speaking in dialect anymore [wait, so she was before? *scratches own head* well, I don't speak Korean, so I didn't notice that...]

Granny herself is surprised [pwahaha, she caught you there, Granny] but rallies for a quick comeback, asking if Eun Sung has gotten senile at a young age, leaving Eun Sung blinking. When Eun Sung calls her for dinner, she says she doesn't want to eat dumpling stew again. Eun Sung protests that Granny already knew that she was poor [and a light goes on in my head...]. Granny is deliberately finding fault with Eun Sung, looking to see if the girl would really make her leave if she was troublesome!

Meanwhile, Sung Hee tries to write the essay that Granny was asking from her, but gives up after a while. She can't tell the truth, or even lies that are close to the truth, because she might get found out.

Seung Mi is in her room looking at the family photo album. Sung Hee comes in asking her to buy some novels [heh, she is going to use them as models for the essay] and sees the album. She asks why Seung Mi is looking at it, Seung Mi asks why she didn't want Hwan to know of her stepdad's death. [Seung Mi calls Eun Sung's dad "appa" but Eun Sung calls Sung Hee by the formal word for mother, and not "umma."] Seung Mi asks what she'll say to Hwan when they get married [jumping the gun a bit there, sister] and Sung Hee says she'll take care of it. Seung Mi also asks why her mom had her stepdad cremated instead of buried; was it because she didn't want to bury him beside Eun Sung's mom? She idly wonders if he couldn't rest because he was cremated, if his spirit was wandering everywhere [ha. much you know!].

At the moment, the aforementioned husband and father is sleeping under newspapers on the street. Well, not exactly sleeping, since he is wondering why he couldn't contact any member of his family at all.

Eun Sung comes home to find her landlady making a big to-do about finding her garden uprooted, the pots broken. And it had something to do with Granny. The ahjumma tells her she has to pay for all the damage. Eun Sung storms into the house to find Granny smelling a bouquet and blithely arranging flowers in a jar.

She reproaches the old lady for breaking the plants, and is answered that flowers grow back. Granny says that she was bored all day because Eun Sung doesn't even have a TV. Eun Sung also tries to take the blanket that is wrapped around Granny since it belongs to her landlady, but Granny refuses to give it back and they have a tussle, Eun Sung crying in frustration. She says that the old lady really shouldn't be acting up, since she is really tired and hasn't much energy left, and if Granny continues... They stare at each other, the sentence unfinished. Or what? Granny asks and hastily gives back the blanket so that Eun Sung won't kick her out. Eun Sung sighs and says she brought Granny some fish, and Granny reaches eagerly for the package.

Jun Se is still putting up Eun Woo's fliers all by his lonesome. ["Crazy in Love" is playing in the background. All the songs in this drama are really growing on me!] Awww. Eun Sung arrives after some time, intending to put up some fliers, and is surprised to find that there are already some of them posted. Later, when she has packed up her stall and is about to go home, Jun Se arrives with an invitation to breakfast, so that she stares at him like, haven't I already given you your marching orders?
Jun Se oppa looks cute with that bow on his head, akshually :P

He just laughs, takes her huuuge yellow bow off her head and puts it on his, and quickly makes off with her cart so that she has to chase after him.

And he takes her to... LOL! one of Granny's Jin Seong restaurants! And makes her eat beef soup aside from having another order packed up for her to take home to Granny. She's like, I told you not to bother anymore! And he apologizes (!) but adds that it isn't for pitying her and suggesting she come to work in the restaurant, because he has never pitied her, but for being rash and stupid. He says that she should find a stable livelihood first before looking for Eun Woo, and that she could still pass out fliers in her free time. And she calls him "oppa" for the first time (!) making him pause. He tells her that there is a company that takes into consideration the situations of their staff, and gives them a hand in deciding their working hours [three guesses as to what company he's talking about?]. Yes, we guess it right! That same restaurant they're in... Jin Seong Seolleongtang [Beef Soup]. He says they don't discriminate as to age, gender or circumstances, but treat their employees based on job performance.

Eun Sung comes home and Granny meets her with nagging, but Eun Sung just smiles sweetly and brings out the beef soup, and Granny stares at her own company's bag and logo. She asks where Eun Sung got it, and gets the reply that a friend bought it for her and recommended that she work for that company. Of course, Granny gets her own policies recited at her, making her pause. Hahaha. Eun Sung leaves again to put up more fliers, leaving Granny looking thoughtful over her beef soup.

Eun Sung herself is also thinking over Jun Se's words. She silently asks her dad to tell her where Eun Woo is [he can't help you there darling, he ain't dead yet].

And as if we haven't had too many coincidences yet, Mr. Go shows up at a familiar-looking soup kitchen... where Jun Se is requesting Soo Jae to stick a copy of the flier in their restaurant window. Mr. Go comes up to return his bowl... and he is so near... and I yell in frustration when Soo Jae puts down the flier and puts the bowl square on top of Eun Woo's face so his own dad notices the flyer but doesn't see the face and pays it no more heed. [I'm on my feet here yelling "give him one! give him one!" but alas, Jun Se the ordinarily sensitive doesn't think to do so this time...] Jun Se invites him to return the next week.

Young Ran goes to see Director Park, because although they know Granny is safe, they still don't know where she is. Director Park assures her that there is nothing going on in the company at present that particularly needs Granny. They hear a knock on the door and think that maybe it's Granny, but it's... Sung Hee! What the heck is she doing there... oh right, she wants to franchise a restaurant. So Young Ran introduces her to Director Park Tae Soo., who then hands over an envelope saying that it contains the life stories of those who had been selected as well as those who had been rejected [my my, Director Park, that's cheating. I hope Granny catches you]. He says it's a favor for Young Ran's best friend, and they agree to keep it a secret from Granny. He appears to be very taken with Sung Hee [uh-oh, that doesn't look good].

Eun Sung comes running home through the pouring rain, Granny scolds her for not buying an umbrella, she retorts that it costs money, then she sees that Granny has been folding the laundered clothes, and they banter a bit about Granny earning her keep.

Eun Sung then promises to cook kim chi pancakes for Granny after she changes into some dry clothes, but then it ends up with Granny cooking the pancakes for her in a cozy little scene. Eun Sung says that it would be lovely if Granny were like this everyday, and Granny says that if she were always like this, Eun Sung wouldn't kick her out even if she never got her memory back again, right? Eun Sung takes umbrage, asking why Granny is always asking about getting kicked out, because she never said she would. She says that when she finds Eun Woo, it would be nice for all three of them to live together. Awww.

She tells Granny a little about her history, including about her own grandma, her mom's mom. Granny asks how she lost her brother, and she answers that it's because she's hopeless, and here she is, she's lost him and she's eating kim chi pancakes and saying they're delicious [with tears in her eyes]. Granny tells her not to blame herself.

"People that want to go will go, people that will come will come. People that you wanted to meet you will meet."

At home, Seung Mi tells her mom that she has a job interview at Jin Seong the next day [somebody's paths are bound to cross again soon!] and while Sung Hee isn't sold on the idea at first, she says that maybe it's good to show that Seung Mi has the capability to manage the company later since Hwan is so irresponsible. She and Hwan can't treat each other like brother and sister forever. But Seung Mi says that if she gets the job, she will tell Hwan about her stepdad's death and everything related to it. Sung Hee gets mad of course, asking what's wrong with her. She should at least make sure that she's married to Hwan before she tells him anything.

Seung Mi says that it's between Hwan and her heart, and her mom scoffs, "is Hwan's heart yours? If you really can grab hold of Hwan's heart, I wouldn't be saying those shameless lies." Yeah, way to go, Mom of the Year. Now it's your daughter's fault you're evil?

Eun Sung is also getting ready for an interview [uh-oh, is she going to run into Seung Mi there? I wonder what would happen] and is trying on clothes while Granny looks on. Granny suggests she wear the pants, and Eun Sung asks if it isn't better to wear a skirt to an interview. Granny says that if the company hired her for her clothes, she shouldn't even think of going there, and Eun Sung says, right, they said the company president wouldn't be picky on clothes [snicker, snicker]. Granny asks why she still wants to work, doesn't she want to find her brother, why is she being distracted by work? Eun Sung says that she wants to work because she wants to earn money to use to find her brother, and later to support him when she finds him. [Heh, you're having your job interview right then and there, girl, only you don't know it.]

In the morning, as Eun Sung dresses for her interview, Granny complains that her stomach is hurting something awful and that she has to be brought to the hospital. Eun Sung remonstrates that she has to leave for her interview now, but Granny flails, clutches her, and cries that her stomach hurts. She falls for it, and off to the hospital they go, but the doctor finds nothing wrong and says that if she still hurts she should go for a general checkup, but now Granny says that it's not hurting anymore so she doesn't need to go for a checkup, and leaves. LOL. Outside, Granny rushes off to find the toilet, and Eun Sung looks at her watch and realizes it's too late to go on to the interview. At first she tries to hold back the tears, but Granny comes back to find her huddled in a corner of the stairway landing, crying. Granny, however, looks satisfied.

At home, Eun Sung still goes on crying over her missed interview and gets scolded by Granny. This time she yells right back. Granny asks if she regrets bringing her home and she says yes, she does, why did Granny have to act up today of all days? Granny then tells her to kick her out now, but Eun Sung doesn't. She asks why Eun Sung didn't abandon her, and gets the answer that it's because she and Eun Woo had been abandoned and she knows the feeling of being kicked out of home, because Eun Woo himself is lost, that she can't bring herself to kick Granny out. Then she apologizes to Granny for yelling back.

At Granny's house, Hwan is fretting over the fact that he can't leave before Granny comes back. He says that if Granny doesn't come back in five days, Butler Pyo should just tell her that Hwan went back to America because he got tired of waiting for her.

Young Ran and Jung fret that all the worrying have affected their looks, and of course the two of them go off to the beauty salon at once, then shopping! [Argh, if I had all the free time those two three have, I'd have gotten a lot of things done!]

Eun Sung comes home to an empty house. Granny is gone! She rushes to the police station, but no help there.

At Granny's, Young Ran and Jung have now opened all their loot and are busy critiquing it... they find out that a lot of it doesn't look as good to them anymore as they did in the store. Maybe they should have gone shopping overseas? [Wow. Shopaholics much? I can tell you what ails you: boredom.] And Granny comes home right in the middle of the mess! Hwan comes down and remarks that she's back within five days. Boy, I think you're in for a rude awakening, and it's. Gonna. Serve. You. Right. Bleeee. He asks where she's been, and she only says quietly that she came back from a good place. Omo. Young Ran follows Granny into her room and asks if she's sorted out what she wanted to sort out, and Granny says yes. Omo, omo, omo!

The next morning, Eun Sung is dragging her cart home, and a guy in sunglasses turns to watch her go by... and asks if she is Go Eun Sung. It's Butler Pyo!
Hyeong Jin's expression: Priceless.

Meanwhile, Hyeong Jin comes out of the building where In Young [and presumably, he] works, wondering who is looking for him. From the impatient blast on the car horn and the look on Hyeong Jin's face, we have a pretty good idea who it is!
And the look on Hwan's face is too. Pwahaha, I love this shot.

Hyeong Jin is forced to confess that he doesn't know where Eun Sung is. He even denies that she was his girlfriend, saying that she was just a girl he knew. Fortunately for him, Hwan believes him. Hwan says that it isn't so much the value of the bag's contents that rankles, but that he was cheated by a girl, and if he finds her...

Hahaha, don't worry Hwan-ah, I think you'll find her sooner than you think, and in the most unexpected place...

...because Eun Sung is in a car driven by Butler Pyo and they're going somewhere... are they going where I'm thinking they're going?

Yes, they are! Eun Sung refuses to believe it at first.

But when they enter the house... she is greeted by Granny, a totally different Granny.

End of Episode 4


1. So many coincidences. So many missed connections. So many degrees of separation. Hahaha. Okay, since this is a fairy-tale-ish drama, I'll buy all the "he just happened to be..." stuff.

2. Sung Hee and Director Park meeting doesn't look good. Director Park is quite unscrupulous [he schemed to get Jun Se in to manage the company since Hwan is hopeless] and so is Sung Hee [who is scheming to get Hwan married to Seung Mi]. I hate to see what happens if those two ever decide to combine forces!

3. Granny went off to gain some insight into what to do with Hwan. Instead she found a girl who is more like her than her own grandson is, especially when it comes to money. Eun Sung respects it; she thinks it's scary, so it shouldn't be taken lightly. Hwan thinks money is power, but more on the "I have more money than you so I win!" level, so he keeps on throwing it around to show that he's someone. Basically though, if you take away the money he's nothing, because it isn't even his own money, it's Granny's. I think Granny's found someone she wishes her own grandchildren would become, and she will want to hold Eun Sung up to them as a model, and if that fails, well, she's still got someone she could be sure thinks enough like her to run her company the same way if she passed it on to her. That's why she's giving Eun Sung a hard time; she wants to make sure.

4. I hate it when Eun Sung bursts into tears because it looks like she's trying too hard to cry, but that scene where she tells Granny about losing Eun Woo and yet still being able to eat kimchi pancakes and say it's delicious, where she's got tears in her eyes and is trying to smile at the same time, now that's more like it. Quiet scene, no histrionics, but heart-wrenching in its own way. Histrionics aside, I'm really beginning to warm up to Eun Sung. Although she basically started out like Hwan and Jung [she was used to just getting money from her dad without questioning where it came from or whether there'd be any left] she's found out that it's hard to make a living. Yet no matter how hard it is for her, she always insists on paying her own way [unlike Seung Mi, who's begun to take for granted what Hwan gives her or spends on her]. She doesn't want any debts, not even "utang na loob" (debt of favor).

5. I'm very interested in Seung Mi, since it looks like she and Eun Sung are gonna end up in a tug-of-war over Hwan later, and Sung Hee is not the world's best mom. Seung Mi can think; she's trying to figure out her mom, but Sung Hee's light years ahead of her when it comes to manipulation. Add to that the frustration; looks like she's been in love with Hwan for a long time, but although he shows her more affection than he's ever shown anyone else in his life including his family, he's never told her he's in love with her. So she's hanging in no man's land there, that limbo we Filipinos call "mutual understanding" or as Cebuanos say, "murag uyab (like a girlfriend/boyfriend)." She reproaches Hwan about it, but it looks like he was waiting for her to make the first move (or he wasn't sure enough about what he himself felt for her)! Well, the fact that he can think about going back permanently to America without worrying that he's leaving her behind sure shows that he doesn't care enough about her to care whether she's by his side or not. And he's being selfish both ways: he keeps her friendship, affection and loyalty, yet he's technically free to do whatever he wants to do. On one hand, I can understand what he thinks, though: as long as she doesn't say anything definite, he's not sure about what she really feels, thus he doesn't have to do anything about it. Maybe that's why he wanted to see if she would kiss him and cross the oppa-dongsaeng boundary to oppa-girlfriend, then he would have to make a decision about it. I'd be conflicted like Seung Mi too, if someone who stood in the light of a brother to me acted too sweet without setting boundaries. But because she's basically weak [she always ends up doing what her mom wants] she is not going to set those boundaries for herself or to even ask about them, and she's too scared to do so for fear that things would turn out otherwise, she is going to get hurt over it.
And okay, I've been thinking. When Hwan raised his hand, when he thought she was going to kiss him, was it to pull her closer or to push her away?

6. Jun Se has shot himself in the foot, but he is doing pretty well. For a stalker, that is, since he always ends up where Eun Sung is. He's gotten all tangled up in the web of lies spun by Hyeong Jin to impress Eun Sung, and now he's got to extricate himself, because dollars to pesos Eun Sung is really gonna get mad when she finds out.

Acknowledgment: To GMA-7, for airing this delightful drama so that I became interested in it. To Mysoju and hellogamers, for making it possible for me to watch it in the original Korean. To the guys and gals at haruharu subs, for their subtitles that made it possible for me to understand the dialogue.

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