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Please bear in mind that I am not Korean, so a lot of the stuff dealing here with Korean culture are based on my own deductions from the drama itself, or research, and it may not be totally accurate, although I learned a lot about their culture just from this drama. If you're a Korean reading this blog and I might have misinterpreted or misread some cultural nuance, please feel free to explain it to me nicely.

Episode 3
Are you for realz?

Episode 2 ended with Eun Woo's disappearance... Sung Hee is taking him somewhere, since she could not contact Eun Sung as the latter's phone was accidentally trashed by Hwan.

Episode 3 begins with Eun Sung still at the club where she works, stewing mad over how Hwan treated her. Someone comes in, telling her that she has a call from Hye Ri. She learns that her brother has gone missing due to Hye Ri's boyfriend's blunder.

The three of them search for Eun Woo around the neighborhood. Eun Sung is frantic.

Seung Mi comes home to find that her mom is not there. She calls her mom's phone, but it is turned off.

Sung Hee is still driving. Beside her, Eun Woo has fallen asleep. A sign by the road says Dae Gu.

Eun Sung and Hye Ri go to the police station and are told to file a missing persons report. Eun Sung sinks to the floor in despair and Hye Ri comforts her.

Sung Hee has turned off the highway and is now in a neighborhood. She seems to be looking for a house. A sign they pass says "House of Angels." She pulls over and gives Eun Woo instructions that she says he must follow if he wants to see his sister again. He must stay there and not call anyone, not even Sung Hee herself. He must not tell anyone Eun Sung's or Sung Hee's phone numbers. If he obeys, she will give him chocolate; if he does not, he will never see his sister again. She brings him to a gate and tells him to stay there and wait till someone comes out, and then follow that person.
Sung Hee's shock here is almost comical. 
I mean, look at that smile!

When she turns to leave, Eun Woo unexpectedly reaches out and holds her arm, giving her a fright,but it seems he is only looking for the chocolate milk that she promised him. She gives him the carton and leaves, almost running. As she reaches her car, a woman passing along the street recognizes her and greets her by name, but she denies that she is Sung Hee. The woman insists that they came from the same neighborhood. Sung Hee drives away, leaving the woman to ask herself what Sung Hee was doing there since she had no relatives.

Dawn. Eun Sung and Hye Ri straggle home dejectedly. Hye Ri tries to console Eun Sung by saying that maybe some good person had taken Eun Woo in and would bring him to the police station in the morning. Eun Sung says that all of this would not have happened if Hwan had not trashed her phone, because EunWoo would have called her if he got lost. Flashback to the evening before and Hwan telling her that if she brings him back his bag, he would pay her for her phone as well. Seems like Hwannie's racking up quite a tab, first the bar bill and now her phone. More than that, Eun Sung holds him responsible for the fact that if he hadn't made her chase around all day she would have seen her dad on the day he died, before Sung Hee got him cremated. Now he has made her lose Eun Woo as well.

In Dae Gu, Eun Woo huddles by the gate where Sung Hee left him (wicked, wicked stepmother!) and finally someone comes out and finds him.

Sung Hee arrives home to find that Seung Mi has fallen asleep on the living room sofa. But does she wonder why her daughter's face is streaked with mascara as if she had been crying? No, the first thing she does is take Seung Mi's phone out of her hand and remove the battery. My my, taking no chances, are we?

Jun Se meanwhile is thinking hard about something. Hyeong Jin telling him about Eun Sung's dad's company going bankrupt, then Hwan telling Eun Sung that her phone that he had just stepped on wasn't worth that much compared to the stuff inside his bag. Eun Sung retorts that what was in her bag was way more valuable in comparison. When Hwan asks why she didn't come looking for him then (Hello, jerk, she just spent several days getting the runaround from you, remember?) she says that she left his bag behind when she left home. He disdainfully remarks that she left home just to come and work in a club? And Jung arrives and interrupts. Jun Se looks thoughtful.

In the morning, Jun Se goes shopping for a phone. (Ohoho, for whom? Three guesses?)

Meanwhile, Eun Sung wakes up after only two hours sleep and dresses to go out, over Hye Ri's vehement objections (I am really beginning to like Hye Ri here). Eun Sung says that maybe Eun Woo got confused and went back to their old neighborhood so she will go look for him there. She remembers Sung Hee and tries to call her, only to find that Sung Hee's phone number is "not in use."

Awake, Seung Mi searches for her missing phone. Sung Hee comes in and gives her a new phone and tells her to tell Hwan that she has changed her number. Sung Hee has changed her number too, and Seung Mi asks why... is she afraid that Eun Sung might call her? Sung Hee ignores her daughter's questions, saying doesn't she have to go to school? And Seung Mi says she quit, because they can't afford it anymore, although she has only one year left to get her Master's Degree. Sung Hee says she'll earn the money somehow, and Seung Mi lashes out at her that didn't she marry a rich man so she didn't have to work? Seung Mi wants to work. She tells her mom she saw Eun Sung at the club. Sung Hee is not concerned that her stepdaughter is working as a waitress at a club, she is more concerned whether Seung Mi had spoken to her and told her where they were living. Sweet, mommy dearest, really sweet.

Young Ran meanwhile is trying to persuade her mother in law to give Sung Hee a franchise. Granny is still skeptical, especially when Young Ran hints that Seung Mi might be good for Hwan and that this might make Sung Hee more kindly disposed towards him as a son-in-law. Ha, if only she knew. Despite the fact that Young Ran offers to vouch personally for Sung Hee, Granny says she still wants Sung Hee's "life story" before considering her as an "Alliance store owner."

At work, Granny meets with Director Park, who has a project planned. He wants to expand the business. Granny is more concerned with protecting the integrity of their product. It seems Granny had originally founded the business with the aim of helping widows and orphans. At Jin Sung, she says, they treat their employees like family. If they expand, they might no longer be able to treat their workers well (OMG Granny can I work in your company please?) Director Park says that anyway, she must be worried because of Hwan's bad behavior, and that's how Granny earns that Hwan decked Joon Young.
Soo Jae also tattles and says that some furniture was broken as a result, and other employees speak up and say that the customers got scared and left.
Meanwhile, Seung Mi is filling in an application form on a park bench when someone comes roaring up on a motorcycle. Hwan, to be exact. He takes her on a motorcycle ride because "her heart is troubled." Hwan calls her "little bit." (OMG why?) And off they go.
While the two are playing Hell's Angel, we get a flashback of how they first met, while still in school.
Hwan rescued Seung Mi from a group of bullies who were picking on her (aw, they look cute in school uniforms, haha).
Hwan gave her a piggyback ride home. (Eh, what's with the piggyback stuff? He couldn't have brought her home some other way?) She was crying, and he asked if she doesn't have a dad or a brother. He then told her that he didn't have a dad either, and that if anyone tried to bully her, she should tell them that Sun Woo Hwan was her oppa.

Grownup Seung Mi now asks grownup (really?) Hwan not to go back to America, but he either can't hear her or pretends that he doesn't. He pulls over, but before Seung Mi can talk to him, he gets a phone call from home.

Granny is furious about Hwan's behavior. Hwan says that it was the manager's fault. Granny tells him he should grow up. Young Ran shushes her son and tells him to apologize, but Hwan says something like okay fine, I won't beat up any of your employees anymore. Granny orders him to go and apologize to Young Joon in front of the other employees. Hwan can't believe his ears. Why should he bother to apologize? Just go pay his medical fees instead. Hwannie, I swear, I want to reach into the screen and box your ears, you are such a jerk. Granny tells him that hitting one of her employees is like hitting her.
Hwan goes to his room; he is tearing mad. (OMG I WANT THAT ROOM! It's the mural that sold me, I'm sure.)

Meanwhile Eun Sung goes to her old neighborhood and even to Eun Woo's old school to ask if he had been back there but no luck. No one has seen her brother. As the day ends she straggles back to Hye Ri's house empty-handed and dejected.
Jun Se is looking for Eun Sung at the club and learns from the manager that she will not be back for a while as her brother had disappeared. Jun Se asks for her contact information instead. He looks for Hye Ri's address, and gets there just as Eun Sung comes stumbling in from another direction. She looks half dead on her feet. Before she gets to the building, she collapses. Her blurry eyes register someone running towards her before she loses consciousness.
Inside, Hye Ri is pacing back and forth worriedly. When the doorbell rings, she runs to the door, and opens it to find Jun Se carrying an unconscious Eun Sung. They put Eun Sung to bed, and Jun Se learns the rest of the story. He dodges Hye Ri's questions about his identity, gives Hye Ri the paper bag containing the phone he bought, to give to Eun Sung when she wakes up, and leaves. Hye Ri's curiousity is piqued... who is this mysterious guy?

When Eun Sung wakes up, she asks who brought her home. Hye Ri says it was an ordinary guy, who left a phone for her. Eun Sung asks if he has a pole like figure, wore branded clothes and an arrogant attitude. If he is handsome but acts rude (ha! handsome!), if he has bad manners. LOL, she's describing Hwan here-- handsome, bwahahahahaha. I am disappointed she doesn't mention that he has hair like an untidy bird's nest. Hye Ri says no, it was a tall guy but not like a pole, he was not wearing branded clothes, he was handsome, well mannered, and a gentleman, aged around 28-29 and working-class. Eun Sung wonders who he is.

In his apartment, Jun Se gathers papers together, about to leave. When he picks up his car keys, he remembers the day he first met Eun Sung and she drove his car. He exchanges cars with Hyeong Jin instead, much to the latter's delight.

At Hye Ri's, Eun Sung is toying with her food and Hye Ri tells her she can't go out till she's finished her porridge. Eun Sung says she has to move out and not be a burden to Hye Ri anymore, so that her boyfriend can come back and stay in the house again. It seems Hye Ri kicked out her
boyfriend for his moronic behavior. (Now that's a friend. Hye Ri-ah, could you be my BFF?) In the midst of the conversation the doorbell rings... and it's... dun du duuun... who else but Jun Se.
and Hye Ri's quick change of expression here cracks me up.
Flustered, Eun Sung asks how he managed to find her there, while Hye Ri makes sheep's eyes at Jun Se, who says he saw her at the club the other night. Eun Sung asks why he bought her a phone, and tries to give it back. Jun Se fibs and tells her that it was a free sample (orly, Jun Se, tell me
where, I want a free phone too :P) and that he doesn't need it, but she might need it while she looks for her brother.
Eun Sung insists on refusing, but Hye Ri butts in and makes her keep the phone. It's clear Hye Ri is impressed with Jun Se, who also gives her a list of orphanages that she can check to see if they have Eun Woo. He also asks for a photo of Eun Woo, so that they can use it to make posters and fliers. It seems Jun Se already has a plan mapped out for searching for Eun Woo.
When Jun Se leaves, Eun Sung follows him downstairs and asks why he is helping them. He says because she is a person who needs help. He also says he has work to do on Wednesdays, so he has to go, and that she should wait until the fliers are ready so they can put them up together. Eun Sung realizes he has not been speaking formally to her and he says that he decided not to. He tells her to take him "as an oppa that dropped in front of you from somewhere." (I first thought that he's telling her he's sort of adopted her as a younger sister, but apparently the lovely ladies over at Dramabeans say there's a whole lot more to it than that! Anyway it looks like Eun Sung thought the same thing I did. Hrm, now I'm wondering about Hwan and Seung Mi. He did tell Seung Mi he was her oppa.)

At Jun Se's restaurant, Jung drops in looking for him, to be told by a waitress that he was not there because he had other appointments.
Jun Se's other appointment was volunteering at a soup kitchen (omo Jun Se oppa why so perfect grrh). Meanwhile, Eun Sung makes the rounds of the orphanages on Jun Se's list.

Mr. Go is scrounging dumpsters for stuff. He finds a reasonably good jacket which for some reason sends him on a flashback to his wife helping him with his jacket and asking him about insurance, saying she would need it to take care of their three kids if anything happened to him. Ah the hypocrisy, the gall of that woman. He sees a phone booth and tries to call home, except that their home phone number is now not in use. He wonders what has gone wrong. He goes to Eun Woo's old school, and sees the kids getting on a bus to go home, but Eun Woo is not with them.
He calls the school pretending to be an old family friend, and learns that Eun Woo is not a student there anymore. Shaken, he wonders where his family is.

Young Ran tells Sung Hee that Granny wants an essay about her life from her, on at least five A4-size papers, before she can consider Sung Hee for a franchise. Sung Hee tells Young Ran that it is after all business, but she seethes when she gets home.
Meanwhile, Jun Se gives Hye Ri money for Eun Sung. Since Eun Sung wouldn't accept it if she knew if was from him, he tells Hye Ri to pretend it's her money. Hye Ri asks why he is doing it, and Jun Se makes the excuse that a junior of his is indebted to Eun Sung (Does he mean Hyeong Jin or Hwan?) Hye Ri asks why he is paying his junior's debt, and Jun Se says he owes Eun Sung "an emotion's debt" as well.

Hye Ri comes home unexpectedly to find Eun Sung packing. She bops her friend on the head and scolds her for intending to leave while she wasn't there. Eun Sung tells her she intends to live in a worker's hostel and make kimbap and sell it on the street at dawn, because that's when the
roads are busiest. That way she can earn money she can use to find Eun Woo. Hye Ri then brings out the money from Jun Se, telling a little fib about how a co-worker is going home and wants to rent out the place where she lives, and convinces her to take it. Eun Sung bursts into tears (okay Hye Ri-ah, please bop her on the head again) and says that she didn't know that money is scary and that it has turned her into someone with nothing left to hide (on second thought, don't).
Hwan comes home in the evening, whistling, and is brought up short by Granny's voice as he steps up on the terrace. She wants to know if he's apologized toYoung Joon already (he hasn't) and he says he will. She goes inside, disgusted.
In the morning, Eun Sung and Hye Ri check out the aforementioned place for rent, which is really a studio-type apartment with a tiny kitchen unit at one end (we don't see the bathroom, but for the sake of my sanity let's assume there's one). The door (of the room, not the bathroom) opens suddenly and Jun Se comes in, prompting Eun Sung to ask why the heck he's there (although more politely than I put it) and Hye Ri admits gleefully that she told him. Jun Se presents Eun Sung with the missing person fliers he's had made for Eun Woo and her eyes fill with tears (aw, Jun Se oppa sure knows the way to a girl's heart). And now Jun Se says there's a lot of shopping to be done for the house...
Next we have a lot of cutesy scenes of Eun Sung and Jun Se shopping for housewares and bringing stuff into the house and arranging them. Can we not look like an old married couple here please...?
And the house is done, and Eun Sung is making what looks like dumplings!

At the restaurant, Hwan walks in unexpectedly, looking for Joon Young. Is he going to apologize..? I don't think he is! And I'm right, because he reaches into his jacket and brings out a bulging envelope...
Hwan says it's for the medical fees, since Joon Young went and tattled to Granny. Tsk, this boy sure doesn't have a brain. But Joon Young would rather he just said sorry (haha go Joon Young!).
Hwan stares in disbelief and takes out the cash and waves it at him... ten million won. "Take it
and keep your mouth shut," he says and tosses the bills casually in the air and makes his exit amidst a flurry of falling money. If I'd treated money that disrespectfully my mom would really tear into me for it... I don't think Granny's going to be happy about this development!
And of course she's not, when Young Joon brings her the cash. Lordy, this guy's good. He gives Granny the cash. saying he doesn't need it so she could return it to her grandson. Naturally, Granny flies up in the boughs...
...and she meets Hwan with a ringing slap-- and another-- as he comes down the stairs at home, to collective gasps from Young Ran and Jung.
Omo, omo, omo, he had it coming, it's about time! Oy, what's with the all-white sweater and slacks with a dark band around the left arm? Sacrificial lamb he is NOT!

Granny: What did you throw? How dare you, rascal? How dare you throw money? Money? Who are you to be throwing money at others? Who are you supposed to be?! You! You ill-mannered brat! There are things that you need to put in effort to do and things can't be done as well. Have I gone wrong teaching you?

Yeah, I am so totally with you on this one, Granny.

And the brat can only yell that even then she can't hit him!

Granny: I gave in to you because I didn't want you to have any hard feelings. I didn't do so for you to look down on these people, don't you know? There's no one who is above all others and no one who is beneath all others, you rascal! I didn't earn money for you to turn out like this. I am embarrassed and ashamed to be your grandmother!


She staggers and cries, but Hwan is having none of that. The boy is MAD.

Butler Pyo brings Granny some medicine, and Granny says she blames herself for the way Hwan turned out.

Hwan is pacing back and forth in his room, again being trailed by his twittering mom. Does he stop and think it's his own fault? No, it's Young Joon's for daring to presume to tattle to Granny. He says he hates beef soup and if Granny died he'd sell the company and do something else with the money. And instead of smacking him for such unfilial thoughts his mom totally agrees with him. Can I please reach through the screen now and smack this woman silly?

And Granny hears everything they're talking about. She runs out of the house in disbelief and cries. Oh, poor Granny.

Meanwhile, Eun Sung, wearing her "Spy" outfit has set up a table at a street corner and is selling... dumplings! The rabbit-ear yellow hairbow and funny little song and dance she makes while advertising her ways looks silly, but endearing... it reminded me of the singing vendors in Divisoria, LOL.

In her room, Granny takes out something from her closet... and soon she emerges dressed as a peasant woman carrying a basin. Fortunately, only Butler Pyo is awake to see her. It seems she only does this sort of thing when she's pondering a huge decision she has to make... Hrm, I wonder where all this is going...
We now have Granny walking down a street that looks vaguely familiar, and she pauses and looks around, musing that a lot of stuff sure has changed in seven years. The camera revolves to show what's around her... and we see that she's only a few meters behind Eun Sung's back. Omo, omo, are you thinking what I'm thinking now?
Is that a trot song she's singing? What's the title?
Indeed Granny hears her little song and watches her for a bit, as it brings back memories of her as a young mom with her son (Min Suk, Hwan and Jung's dad) on her back, singing a song while peddling some duk... rice cakes? She asks her son what she's going to do... Unfortunately Granny's chased away by another peddler who says she's taken his spot. He kicks her basin of duk, and Granny goes vague..
...she spots a child and thinks it's her son who's gotten away from her, so she goes chasing after him. Eun Sung notices what happens a little too late; Granny is running down the street.. and I think this is not gonna end up well.
Granny loses the first kid, sees another one to follow, chases the little boy down a steep flight of steps... and omo, omo, she missteps and falls the rest of the way amidst a shower of duk. OMG Granny NO!!
If someone looked at me that way, I would never let him go :P
Meanwhile Jun Se comes walking down the street and sees Eun Sung. He wants to buy some dumplings, but Eun Sung gives him some for free since he's been helping her a lot anyway.

Then we have Eun Sung alone, finally, pushing her cart down the alleys, talking to Hye Ri on her phone via headset. She comes to a familiar flight of steps...
And yes! She sees Granny, lying at the bottom, unconscious. She tries to wake the old lady and finds that the side of her head is bloody... and Eun Sung-ah, you do not shake people with head injuries!!!
Of course, she brings Granny to the hospital... and apparently Granny has lost her memory. She intends to leave Granny in the hospital and the doctor will just file a police report. but when she tries to say goodbye to Granny, the old woman suddenly grabs her and clings to her arm and...
omo, Eun Sung-ah, there's no help for this. You know what you need to do.

End of Episode 3. On to the...

Nitpicking Comments:

So, at the end of Episode 3, Eun Sung's lost Eun Woo for a while, Jun Se edges closer, and Hwan's setting himself up for a takedown by Granny.

Only, Granny has an accident, but then that sets her up for a rescue by Eun Sung. Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?

Sung Hee's the only one who knows where Eun Woo is right now, and she ain't telling no one. She even makes sure that although she knows where to lay hands on the boy if she needed to, he can't contact anyone he knows. But why did she bring him to that particular place? Was she from that orphanage originally? And for a so-called "smart girl" Seung Mi is quite naive. Oh wait, she was a nerd. A very pretty nerd, though, who fell in with tough-guy Hwan at a young age. No wonder she keeps clinging to him. Must be love.

Young Ran is still a twit. Have I said I love Hye Ri yet? And Young Joon too.

Eun Sung is very girly-girl here. She keeps struggling to keep afloat,and people keep rescuing her. We should all be so lucky. The mandoo stand is a nice thought though, if Jun Se doesn't waltz in and buy all her wares just because.

Hwan's just going higher on the jerk-o-meter. I can hardly wait for the crash when he falls. I hope it's plenty loud. Lee Seung Gi plays it so he looks really bad-looking, and I keep wondering what Eun Sung is going to see in him!

Granny being vague: not a good sign.

Acknowledgment: To GMA-7, for airing this delightful drama so that I became interested in it. To Mysoju and hellogamers, for making it possible for me to watch it in the original Korean. To the guys and gals at haruharu subs, for their subtitles that made it possible for me to understand the dialogue.

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