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I love old books. And I love young adult mysteries ever since an aunt introduced Nancy Drew to me at the age of seven or eight. The love affair blossomed even more when I had the serendipity of having a best friend in high school whose sister had a complete collection of Trixie Beldens. Ah, bliss.

That's why I regularly sift through the trade paperback, hardbounds, and children's and young adults sections at my favorite second-hand stores. I never know what I might find, ranging from a P20 (USD0.50) hardbound copy of Tolkien's Silmarillion, to a P10 (USD0.25) hardbound copy of Elizabeth Moon's Trading in Danger, the first book in her Vatta's War series. Recently I came across this little hardbound book from a series I didn't know about before.

It's the Happy Hollisters and the Ghost Horse Mystery. Apparently the Hollisters are also young sibling detectives, kind of like the Bobbsey Twins and the Patridges. I like the illustrations, so typical of the 1950s, which was when this book was published. That makes it over 50 years old. Wow, it's older than me!

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