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Argh. Can you guys believe it? I haven't blogged about Rescreatu in like more than a month, even when so many things have happened!

For one thing, Aahna has arrived on Rescreatu to oversee the Resurrection Quest, and it turns out Cain's owner Malcolm has returned to oversee the Black Market, but Cain still kicks over-curious people out of the shop anyway.

The October premium pack was released; Wuyi arrived for the Find The Feast Thanksgiving event which awarded a trophy (and I was too busy even for that event, grrrh); Res opened hiring for members of support, artists and writing staff (Danke, Ekka and Yuko were hired as artists); new Intes toys came out in the Toy Store; emote squishies came out in an event to allow people to use emotes in the SB again (after they were removed months ago because people complained about them, lol).

Also the Intes got revamped and is now gorgeous. I had only one egg in my hatchery, and it hatched silver! I named it Papilion! Squeeee, so happy.

Finally, and most recently, the new Credit Shop pet came out. It's the Aerix and it sort of looks like a griffon-owl (Skandranon's mate Zhaneel, isdatchu?). Lovely colors! My only gripe was that I hadn't made enough tu to buy credits for eggs yet! Still, Geo (wonderful, wonderful Geo) gave me an egg for my birthday, and it hatched male. I named him SunWooHwan. LOL. Then I bought an unnamed female from Demotional and named her GoEunSung. So there, I had a happy Res birthday... two new CS pets, named after two of my most favorite Koreanovela characters. Ah, Shining Inheritance... but that's another blogpost altogether.

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