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I named this blog "simpleng kaligayahan" because it's going to be about the simple pleasures of life. And one of those simple pleasures is music, which every Filipino worth the name appreciates. My younger sister and I used to watch singing contests on TV, and it was weird, but we used to judge the quality of a voice by its ability to send chills up and down our backs or make the hairs at our napes stand on end. I don't mean that the voice had to be creepy or anything, but a really good voice with the right power, passion and pitch did that to us everytime. Needless to say, the singers to whom we reacted that way often won the contests.

Carol Banawa was one singer who made me feel that way, especially her rendition of "Tanging Yaman". Whew! Now that was an angel's voice. I missed her since she stopped singing and went abroad to get her father treated... I still listen to "Tanging Yaman" once in a while, when I need a fix.

Recently, I had that experience again, watching American Idol. Not one, but two voices, made my heart do jumping jacks and chills run up and down my spine. Ramiele Malubay is one (and not just because she's a Fil-Am). She draws you into the song and makes you feel it. David Archuleta is another. This boy can take any song he wants to sing and make it his own. Ah, American Idol has got me hooked this season, I can hardly wait for the next episode. I want to hear more from these two.

Talk about simple pleasures!

Here are videos of David and Ramiele.

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