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Ahh, legends. For someone who loves mythology, fantasy, sci-fi and folklore as much as I do, the Koreanovela "Legend" is a feast. I neglected to mention that I also love computer games like Battle Realms and Emperor:Rise of the Middle Kingdom, and some of the cinematography in Legend reminds me of Battle Realms, like that tower where the rooks fly out from under the eaves and horsemen ride out to find the four sacred symbols. It suddenly made my fingers itch to play Battle Realms.

Anyway, Legend is still in its first week in the Philippines (three episodes and counting), and it gives me a darn good reason to get home early every night (that, and American Idol, of course). I'm still puzzling my way through the story, but I find I kind of like Seoh (the Red turned Black Phoenix). Great SFX, I love the story, a mix of Korean history and legend, it's a real treat. This coming from someone who watched Jumong and Jewel in the Palace off and on. I hope I get to watch this one all the way through!

Just one question: Why don't we Filipinos make teleseryes like this?!?

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