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Restaurant: Juan's Bistro
Place: Mall of Asia
Menu: Filipino

It's one of the very few places where I can get taba ng talangka (crab fat) on my rice (the only other one I know of is Ricecapades. Far it be from me to recommend this dish to those with cholesterol problems, but for those in the know, there's a special pleasure derived from the taste of taba ng talangka on steaming hot rice. Then, on the side, a simple munggo guisado with chicharon bits.

We also had sizzling sisig and vegetable bicol express, both uber spicy but ultra yummy! They have this drink called sassi, which is fruit shake with yogurt. Sweet and sour at the same time-- well, we do have to have something healthy to offset the crab and sisig.

Price: Moderately affordable
Ambience: Pinoy na pinoy. There's a mural on the wall, a comic strip by Kabigting depicting the origins of the bistro. The same comic strip is on the back of every menu card. The style reminds me of Larry Alcala's Mang Ambo and Slice of Life.
Food: Great! I will be sure to stop by again next time I'm at MOA.

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