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And I found this in Divisoria last weekend, so it's all good. A birthday gift from myself to me. Now if only there was a Gu Jun Pyo to go with it...

I was shopping for gifts for family and friends, and I spotted some nice large cameo earrings in this little stall in 168 mall. I thought they would be nice to give a friend, so I stopped, and then I saw earrings in a familiar star-moon (or kissing star) design in the same case, so I asked if there was a necklace with that same style. And the shop owner said yes, and now I could be Jan-di! So of course I got the necklace... what K-drama fan wouldn't? :D

This year has been kind of rocky... I got sick a lot, and stressed out. I also progressed into full-blown K-drama and K-pop addiction, which can be both bad and good, depending on how you looked at it. I became a fan of FT Island and CN Blue, and Lee Hong Ki and Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa. And Suzy and IU and K-pop idols and the Dream High cast. I actually blogged more too (yay?) and wrote more, and been more open about writing (yay!) and made more (real, good, real good) friends, so it's ended on the plus side at least. Just a bit more to the plus side, but then that's good. Also gained a nephewwwwwww....!!! Who my family swears looks just like me when I was a babyyyyyy!!! Tita loves you, Baby Pao!

Thanks to all the friends and loved ones who have made this year meaningful. I love you all.

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