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Restaurant: Sbarro
Place: Trinoma
Menu: Italian

I have always been curious about Sbarro but never got the time or inclination to try eating there. So when a friend and I went malling at Trinoma last Saturday, I thought we'd give it a try. I opted for the spaghetti (if an Italian restaurant messes up with spaghetti it will mess up with everything else), with meatballs. It came with a crusty roll on the side, perfect for catching the rest of the sauce. Yummy! My friend had the caesar salad and lasagna, and we finished up with blueberry cheesecake. Just thinking about that meal still makes my mouth water. It was really filling, too... we thought we'd never be able to get up from the table! And yeah, the crew was really nice and helpful with the menu. Thumbs up to you, guys.

Price: A little pricey, but tolerable
Ambience: Italian
Food: Yummy!

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